All Park Events

Shore Fishing Clinic
Come join us and learn about Shoreline Fishing from the beaches of Sea Rim. We will supply the gear or you can bring your own.
Beach Exploration
Discover the life that lives at the edge of the sea...
Bay Explorations
Pull a net and learn where your shrimp, fish, and crabs live!
Strong Backs and Willing to Work!
Join us for a program on how Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Civilian Conservation Corps permanently changed this country in the 1930s and pulled struggling citizens out of the Great Depression. At the Interpretive Center.
The Indian Lodge and the CCC
Join us in the Indian Lodge Lobby, to discover the fascinating history of the Indian Lodge and about the rich history of Camp Washington Seawell and Company 879 who built the lodge in the 1930's. We'll start in the lobby and take a short walk to some of the highlights of the most complicated project that the CCC took on in Texas.