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Geocaching 101
High-Tech Treasure Hunting Workshop
Volunteer Work Day - Cleburne State Park Trail System
Summit Trail Hike
Join a park ranger or master naturalist for a hike to the summit of Enchanted Rock. Find out things like, "HOW OLD IS THAT ROCK?", "WHO LIVED HERE?", and more. Learn the flora and fauna, cultural and natural history, and "WHAT ARE THOSE POOLS?"
Hey! Those Are NOT Pigs!
Come to the Interpretive Center for a program about the animal often and rudely mistaken for a pig, the collared peccary! They are a little mammal with a big personality. Approximately 1/2 hour.
Fireside Chat at the Indian Lodge
Get comfortable next to the fire in the historic Indian Lodge Lobby and enjoy stories, games, and entertainment in the tradition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's radio program during his 1930s presidency.

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