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Honey Creek Bird Walk
Join us for a walk along the path less taken.
Birds of a Feather
Let’s hang out together on one Monday morning a month. Meet other "birding buddies" and spot our fine feathered friends as they stay or migrate to and from the hill country.
Discovery Hikes with the Kids
Ranger-lead nature hikes will focus on getting kids outdoors with their folks and discovering and experiencing nature through sight, sound, feeling, touching and smelling. Magnifying glasses and binoculars provided!
Peak Fitness Hike - Ron Coleman Trail (carpooling necessary)
Join us for a hike on one of the toughest trails in the Franklin Mountains! Your hard work pays off with spectacular views, “fun” challenges climbing 4 sections of chains and over steep 10 -15 ft rock walls, and of course the right to say you conquered the Ron Coleman Trail.
Nature Explorers: Water Wonders
Join us for this new monthly program!

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