Recent flooding has impacted state parks across Texas. Status of Parks - Videos, Photos, News

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The Monarch Butterfly
In its 20th year, the StarWalk is a naked eye tour of the night sky over Copper Breaks State Park followed by a closer look through telescopes and binoculars. Copper Breaks State Park is an International Dark Sky Park. The 'super moon' will be the focus of this month's program
Last Sunday Hike - Sombrero Hike!
Let's hike up and around Ranger Peak, don't forget your sombrero!
Zombie Apocalypse Hike
Could you survive and thrive on this short humorous hike?
Master Outdoor Leadership Training | Texas Outdoor Family | Garner State Park | (Open)
Master Outdoor Leadership training is designed to provide you with hands on experiences and scenarios to build outdoor leadership skills. We will provide you with specific information that will allow you to best utilize the Texas Outdoor Family program gear, equipment, locations and expertise to make a positive impact in your community and our State Parks.

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