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Honey Creek Hike
Join our trained guides for this weekly hike to the beautiful Honey Creek.
Take a Stroll Through Time on the Indian Lodge Walking Tour!
Join us in the Indian Lodge Lobby, and we will take an easy walk around the Indian Lodge to learn about the rich history of Camp Washington Seawell and Company 879 who built the lodge in the 1930's.
1 Bag 2 Make a Difference (Any Day of the Week!)
KIDS! Help us keep YOUR garner State Park clean, healthy and beautiful ANY DAY OF THE WEEK... It's easy!
Bird Blind Beauties
Come down to the bird blind and see some of the beautiful spring migrants and year-round feathered residents of Pedernales Falls. One of our volunteer bird blind attendants can help you with bird IDs and/or loaner binoculars.
Twin Falls Nature Trail Trek
Come join us for an adventure trek along the Twin Falls Nature Trail. Along the way we will look at animal habitat, amazing plant diversity, and geology. At the end, discover the overlook with its view of the falls!

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