Recent flooding has impacted state parks across Texas. Status of Parks - Videos, Photos, News

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Choke Canyon Bird and Wildlife Tracks
Do you want to become an expert tracker? Get started by coming to this introductory program to learn how to identify some common Texas wildlife tracks and have some fun with arts and crafts!
Wildlife Walk and Scavenger Hunt
Hike or hunt? Why not both? Join one of our park rangers for a walk along the park trails and a scavenger hunt you compete with your friends to complete along the way.
Native American Plant Walk
Join the interpretive park ranger on a walk through the park to learn about Choke Canyon’s plants and how the Native Americans of the area and others used them.
Alligator Act
How much do you know about alligators? Come act out the life of an alligator with one of our park rangers. This is a fun, active and educational event great for families and children.
Choke Canyon Skins and Skulls
Come learn about wildlife found at Choke Canyon State Park and other areas of Texas with one of our park rangers! Then put your identification skills to the test with a game.

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