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Peak Fitness Challenge Hike on Ron Coleman Trail - Carpooling Necessary
Celebrate National Public Lands Day by joining us for a hike on one of the toughest trails in the Franklin Mountains! Your hard work pays off with spectacular views, “fun” challenges climbing 4 sections of chains and over steep 10 -15 ft rock walls, and of course the right to say you conquered the Ron Coleman Trail.
Yoga in the Park - by Dare to Dream Yoga
Enjoy a relaxing yoga session surrounded by the beauty of nature!
5th Annual Disc Golf Championship
5th Annual Lake Arrowhead State Park Disc Golf Championship
Perk Up the Pavilion!
Calling all volunteers! Help us clean up the Pavilion during National Public Lands Day!
Autumnal Equinox Solar Viewing
View the sun in a safe environment with a Ranger!

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