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Explore the Canyon to the Dinosaur Tracks
Women’s Hike to West Cottonwood Springs
This is a great opportunity for females of all ages who may feel some apprehension or fear about the activity of hiking. Join in on the fellowship and camaraderie of an all female group, learning the basics about safety and hiking in the desert. Join us for a guided hike along a scenic trail through canyons up to the spring and a grove of Cottonwood and Choke Cherry Trees - Moderate/Difficult hike.
Peak Fitness Challenge - North Franklin Peak
N. Franklin Peak is the highest peak in the park at 7,192 feet in elevation; with over 2,000 feet in elevation gain from the trailhead to the top, you’re sure to get your heart pumping and calories burning on this amazing trek!
Geocache 101
High Tech Meets Mother Nature...what's not to like!?
Night Hike
Experience the canyon after dark!

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