Recent flooding has impacted state parks across Texas. Status of Parks - Videos, Photos, News

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Junior Ranger Program at Lake Arrowhead
Become a Junior Ranger at Lake Arrowhead State Park. SORRY, THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED FOR JUNE 27 & 28. The park is closed due to flooding.
Sunset Paddle
Paddling tour with sunset views.
Snake Talk & Feeding
Come discover the world of snakes and watch our non-venomous corn snakes feed.
Hey! Those Are NOT Pigs!
Come to the Interpretive Center for a lively talk full of information on our local campsite visitor, the collared peccary, or you may know it as the javelina!
Geocache Greenhorns
Discover what geocaching is all about while using a GPS unit to navigate your way through a scavenger hunt! (Ages 10 and up)

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