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Kids' Discovery Hike
Ranger-led eco-scavenger hunt will get kids outdoors with their folks to discover and experience nature through sight, sound, touching and smelling. Magnifying glasses provided!
High-Tech Hunt
Capture the natural, historical, and cultural diversity of Garner State Park with photography!
Wood Carving and Scroll Saw Demonstration
Come to Pedernales Falls and take a look at how woodworkers made fancy designs in the late 1800s. These saws were making their debut at the same time that the first settlers were coming to the Pedernales Falls area from Germany. Hang around headquarters with park host Larry Roszell for a while and see this nifty saw in action at 11:00 and 2:00!
Painting with a Ranger
Capture the beauty of Dinosaur Valley State Park with watercolors!
Painting on the Frio
Capture the beauty of Garner State Park with watercolors!

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