History & Culture


Step through the doors of historic homes and inns, and imagine the lives of the people who inhabited these places. Explore the frontier forts that protected early Texans, and walk along the paths where the Buffalo Soldiers served. Or visit the birthplace of Texas liberty, or battlegrounds, and imagine what Texas soldiers must have felt as they fought for and won independence.

Archeological Sites

Rock Art Sites

  • Big Bend Ranch - Variety of unique rock-art styles reflecting a cultural crossroads.
  • Devils River - Vibrant examples of rock paintings, including Lower Pecos style figures.
  • Hueco Tanks - Over 3,000 rock paintings, including numerous "masks."
  • Seminole Canyon - World-class rock art, the oldest over 4,000 years old.


Historic Houses and Structures


Historic Missions


Military History Frontier Forts

More information on frontier forts from www.texasbeyondhistory.net/forts.




20th Century


Commemorative Sites

  • Lipantitlan - Named for a Mexican fort near the site of an 1835 battle during the Texas Revolution.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson - Established in honor of our 36th President, located across the Pedernales River from the Texas White House and LBJ's gravesite in the National Historical Park.
  • Monument Hill - The resting place of those who died at the Battle of Salado (1842) and those who were killed during the notorious "Black Bean Incident" (1843).
  • San Jacinto Monument - Tallest column monument in U.S., on site of the famous battle.
  • Zaragoza Birthplace - A reconstruction of the birthplace of the man who gave us Cinco de Mayo.


Living History Sites:


Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

Below is a listing of TPWD parks built or improved by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a New Deal program, during the Great Depression in the 1930s and early 1940s.