Summer Fun

Get your summer started in your state parks with one of these warm-weather adventures!

Food for All


Great meals with friends and family are part of what visitors treasure about their time in state parks. Enjoy the outdoors, and don't go hungry. Do you have a large party? Your table is ready!

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Go Get Wet


When people get hot, we look for water. Look no further than your nearby state park. Swim, paddle, ski or try all three! 

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 Shelters and Shade

shelterHow can state parks help protect you from the heat? From historic sites to screened-in structures and air-conditioned visitor centers, these sheltered spaces in natural places are perfect for a summer adventure.

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Plenty of Fish


Do you want to try fishing without having to buy a license? Here is your chance to catch and release, catch and keep, learn new skills, have fun with your loved ones or just get closer to nature.

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Beauty by Night


The skies after sunset give you glimpses of state parks' finest features. Some activities get tougher as the weather gets hotter, but stargazing shines on. Enjoy better views here than almost anywhere else in Texas.

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Brand New Guides


Do you have a favorite park? Are there others you've always wanted to see? There could be a few you didn't even know existed! Get offline access to images, amenities, maps and more for all 95 state parks in Texas.

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