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Junior Ranger Program

Helping kids learn and explore!

Junior Ranger logoChildren who spend time in nature are healthier, happier and smarter. They will also become the future stewards of our wild lands and beautiful spaces.

Our free Junior Ranger Journals will help kids learn about nature, by drawing, writing and observing. Our Junior Ranger Explorer Packs provide tools kids can use to explore nature.

Bring your children to a state park and help them discover that life’s better outside!


Junior Ranger Journal

2_169x243.jpgPick up a free Junior Ranger Journal for your child when you visit a state park. Complete a certain number of activities (depending on her age) to earn a Junior Ranger pin. Complete a journal for each park–the activities are the same, but your child’s experiences will differ because each park is unique.

Children will observe wildlife, create nature art, learn to stay safe outside, and much more. The journals are for kids 6 to 12 years old.

Teachers, bring your class to the park for a nature field trip! Call a state park near you to arrange a program. Field trips to state parks are free, but they must be set up in advance. (Download the TEKS alignment.)


Junior Ranger Explorer Packs

3_183x274.jpgMore than 50 of our parks have Junior Ranger Explorer Packs at park headquarters. Borrow one for the kids in your group on your next park visit!

Each backpack comes with a pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass; an animal tracking key and guides to flowers, birds, butterflies, trees, rocks, wildflowers and plants; and pencil, crayons and watercolors along with a journal and sketchbook.

Find out which parks have packs. Look for mini Explorer Packs at some of our park stores, so your child can explore in your backyard, too! Or create your own Junior Ranger Explorer Pack by gathering some of the items listed above.


Kids’ Activities

You and your child can explore nature on your own. Check these links for ideas:

Other Links:

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