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Keep your ears open for Under the Texas Sky, a new podcast from Texas Parks and Wildlife. It’s about nature and people and the connection they share. I’m Cecilia Nasti, and I’ll be your producer and host.

You’ll meet siblings Cassandra and Christopher Neve from Austin. Once they started adulting, they lost touch with the great outdoors. But 2019 brings new opportunities to live their best outdoor lives—even if it doesn’t always go smoothly.

[Christopher] Actually, what is number four.

[Cass] We’re over here.

[Chris] No we’re not.

[Cass] We literally parked right there.

They’ll keep audio diaries throughout the year, so we can keep up with their progress.

Under the Texas Sky also puts the spotlight on our wild places and especially our wild things...

Like bats…The iconic horned lizard…

[Any Gluesenkamp] If you look around the walls, there are rack after rack of ten-gallon aquariums. Each one with a Texas horned lizard in it. And this is what I like to call the beginning of our horned lizard factory.

Pollinators…Native plants…

[Andrea Delong-Amaya] Wildscaping is planting plants and creating a landscape that is conducive to attracting different kinds of wildlife.

Coyotes…And more…We even sit down with chefs and artists and musicians to talk about the way nature inspires what they do.

Under the Texas Sky is made possible by the Texas Parks and Wildlife foundation and the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs.

Stream or download the podcast from or other places where podcasts congregate.

We hope you’ll give it a listen…because life’s better outside when you listen to Under the Texas Sky.