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We continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines in the parks. Read through our recommendations before your visit.

State parks are very busy at this time of year, especially on weekends and holidays. Guarantee entry by making day pass and overnight reservations online or by calling (512) 389-8900.

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Parks for All Texans

Girl touching gator Brazos Bend State Park

We are committed to making our facilities and our information available to as many Texans as possible! Start on our Accessibility at Texas State Parks page to find information for planning your next visit.

It's always a good idea to check with the park you plan to visit about its accessible facilities. Wind, weather and wildlife can impact those facilities.

If you need help with accommodations or just want to ask a question, email

We hope to see you soon at your state parks!

Hike Pick: Aranama Nature Trail

Goliad State Park and Historic Site

Aranama Nature Trail in Goliad State Park and Historic Site

Tucked behind historic Mission Espiritu Santo at Goliad State Park and Historic Site lies the ¼-mile Aranama Nature Trail. Its name comes from the Native American group that once inhabited the mission and surrounding area.

The trail winds through dense woodlands, down fern-laden staircases, across bridges perfect for watching birds and other wildlife, and up to cacti-covered shrubland.

This loop trail holds abundant plant and animal life, but it's rich in history, too! You'll find the ruins of two kilns and a rock quarry. The Spanish and the Civilian Conservation Corps used them in constructing and restoring the mission.

With four staircases, this easy to moderate trail is best enjoyed on foot. Its short distance is great for families!

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Changing with the Seasons

Theo riding his bike Colorado Bend State Park

The first time I visited Colorado Bend State Park was in 2002. My three friends and I, freshly graduated from high school, were chaperoned by my mother.

We had the spirit for adventure, if not the knowledge, and hadn't accounted for the remote, primitive nature of the park. Heavy rains meant the low-water crossing on the park's road was impassable.

By the time the water had gone down and we were at our campsite, it was dark and raining again, and we didn't know how to set up our tent. In the end, an amused Good Samaritan lent his assistance.

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