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Teacher Resource: Texas Aquatic Science Curriculum

Texas Aquatic Science

Texas Aquatic Science Curriculum

Looking for an engaging way to teach students about water? We can help!

Texas Aquatic Science is a comprehensive aquatic science curriculum for middle school and high school students. It covers molecules to ecosystems, and headwaters to ocean, using hands-on classroom and field activities.

Many state parks are Texas Aquatic Science Certified Field Sites.

Hike Pick: Lake Livingston State Park

Pineywoods Nature Trail Boardwalk

Lake Livingston - Pineywoods Nature Trail Boardwalk

Trek through the woodland on the Pineywoods Nature Trail Boardwalk at Lake Livingston State Park. This one-mile trail offers solitude and an easy, peaceful stroll through the heart of the forest.

Along the way, you'll find plenty of wildlife viewing amidst loblolly pines, towering oaks and sweet gums. Trail improvements make the path wheelchair and stroller accessible. Exhibits, a bird blind and nature ponds provide interesting things to see along the way.

The trail is easily accessible. Enter from a large parking lot beside the park road and explore the world of the East Texas Pineywoods.

Park Pick: Purtis Creek State Park

The One That Got Away

Boy fishing at Purtis Creek State Park

With an insufficient tackle box, a worn-out Zebco, and no boat, I enviously eyed the others having fun out on the water while I leaned on a fishing pier at Purtis Creek State Park.

Suddenly, the biggest largemouth bass I'd ever seen hit my lure. Mesmerized as the fishing line peeled out of my reel, I forgot traffic, problems, bills to pay, and even politics. It was man against fish.

Purtis Creek State Park, in East Texas between Dallas and Tyler, provides many gifts like these. Enjoy a morning's tranquil stroll along the park's hiking/biking trails or a serene all-night fishing experience from a primitive campsite at water's edge. At dusk, catch the sounds of kids giggling as they savor s'mores around a campfire.

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Activities and Programs

Get Healthy

Family Biking

Start the year off right! Your state parks have some of the best activities and programs for your physical, mental, and social health goals.

Cheers to a Healthy 2018!

Spotlight on Texas Parks & Wildlife

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