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It's hot! Where can I go to cool off?

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Texas state parks offer multiple places and ways to cool your heels during the broiling days of August.

Do you enjoy floating or paddling on a spring-fed river? How about body surfing on the coast? Or do you prefer splashing in a cool, clear swimming pool?

You can do all of these in your state parks. What are you waiting for?


Park Pick: Big Bend Ranch State Park

Secret Waterfall

Madrid Falls

Deep within Big Bend Ranch State Park, high above the distant banks of the Rio Grande and nestled in a valley, you'll find Madrid Falls. Grab a trail map and binoculars and head straight for one of the three designated spots overlooking the falls to enjoy the view. It's a destination unlike any other.

You'd think that crowds would flock to it, but that's not the case. Madrid Falls, the second-tallest waterfall in the state, has historically been a secret place.

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Hike Pick: Meridian State Park

Bosque Hiking Trail

Bosque Hiking Trail - Meridian State Park

Marvel at the natural and historical wonders of Meridian State Park along the Bosque Hiking Trail. Listen for the endangered golden-cheeked warbler as you walk through cedar forests. Take in spectacular views around the lake. Enjoy a picnic on the steps of the iconic CCC Refectory.

Multiple trailheads along this two-mile trail make it easy to hike as much or as little of the trail as you'd like. Drinking water, restrooms and picnic areas are also conveniently located near the trail.

Activities and Programs

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Sun's out, fun's out! Swim, paddle and explore at a Texas State Park.

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