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Water, Water Everywhere

Honey Creek

Fact: Water is vital for life. It provides food and habitat for plants and animals. When the heat is on, humans like to be near water, too.

You'll find water of some sort in almost every state park - from salt water along the coast, to freshwater lakes, rivers, creeks, huecos and springs everywhere else. You'll also find the creatures and plants that depend on those water sources.

Find a state park near you and explore its water resources!

Many parks offer water sports:

Hike Pick: Possum Kingdom State Park

Panoramic Views

Possum Kingdom State Park

Panoramic views are waiting for you on the Longhorn Trail atop the bluffs at Possum Kingdom State Park. Start your adventure on the scenic Lakeview Trail as it meanders through lakeside prairies. Hike up a limestone hillside and through juniper woodlands until you reach the Longhorn Trailhead. The Longhorn Trail is rugged but the views from the top are worth the brief challenge. Total hike distance is .9 miles one way.

Cool off after your hike with a swim in the lake or grab a cold soda from the park store. You'll find plenty to see and do outdoors at Possum Kingdom State Park!

Park Pick: Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historic Site

Beacon of the Past

Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historic Site

A late summer trip took me to Port Isabel and South Padre Island. I had never visited, and, having only heard about the island's appeal to spring break thrill-seekers, was unsure what awaited me there.

Before I crossed the Queen Isabella Causeway to the island, I passed through the center of Port Isabel. Though road-weary after the long drive, I pulled over. In the center of the square was a green hill topped with a white lighthouse. The lighthouse was clad in scaffolding, a sign of coming improvements. (The lighthouse reopened in January after extensive repairs.) While small when compared to others I'd seen along the Atlantic Coast, its petite size added to its charm.

Read more about the Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historic Site in TPW Magazine.

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Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Sun's out, fun's out! Swim, paddle and explore at a Texas State Park.

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