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Texas' Contribution to World War 1

Battleship Texas

World War I ended with armistice declared on Nov. 11, 1918. This year marks the centennial of what was known as “The War to End All Wars.”

Battleship Texas is the only battleship still afloat that fought in both World Wars. Today, she serves as a memorial to those wars, and the soldiers who fought in them.

TPWD historians will be blogging about Texas' contributions to World War 1 throughout this centennial year. Learn how the war began, and how Texans helped in the Allied victory.

Visit WW1 Centennial 1918-2018 for the list of blog posts so far. Check back throughout the year for the rest of the story!

Hike Pick: Inks Lake State Park

Devil's Backbone Nature Trail

Inks Lake hiker and dog

Don't let the name fool you; this moderate trail at Inks Lake State Park is a delight! Journey past historic Park Road 4, melodious waterfalls, and scenic views high above Inks Lake and the Devil's Waterhole.

Come visit billion-year-old rock as you walk across the Llano Uplift, and feel the breezes floating off the lake from your perch on Chicken Rock. Finish your hike by enjoying the sounds of nature at our wildlife viewing blind.

Access the 1.2 mile one-way trail via the Devils Waterhole Nature Trail (.2 miles) to the Valley Spring Creek Trail.

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Park Pick: Huntsville State Park

Peace and Beauty

Huntsville biker
Photo by Earl Nottingham / TPWD

A tunnel of trees engulf my car as it turns off Interstate 45 and follows Park Road 40 to the entrance of Huntsville State Park. The green canopy serves as a portal that moves me from the rush of everyday life to a world where time slows down considerably.

I spy a lone angler, enjoying the solitude as he fishes for bass from his kayak on Lake Raven. The smell of fish frying fills the air, so others have already caught their dinner. A family picnicking beneath the trees are the probable diners.

In addition to fishing, the park features 20 miles of trails for those who like to hike.

Read more in TPW Magazine.

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