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How hot is it?

Family swimming in Inks Lake

It's Texas, so you know it's hot!

Our state has plenty of fun things to do in the summer, but you'll need a plan for staying safe in the heat. You can suffer a heat illness even when you are swimming. Your dog can get overheated easily, as well.

We've put together some heat safety tips for you and your pet. Read through them so you'll be ready to beat the heat on your next outing!

Hike Pick: Lake Bob Sandlin State Park

Lakeview Loop

Lakeview Loop trail in Lake Bob Sandlin State Park

Want to get outside but don't know where to start? Lake Bob Sandlin State Park has a great diversity of trails to fit your needs. But if you are short on time or energy, take our ½-mile Lakeview Loop trail.

The loop is an easy hike or bike that offers several different treats. It has over 20 self-guided interpretive panels, a birding blind, geocaching, access to Brim Pond, a walk along the lakeshore and a spectacular view over Lake Bob Sandlin from a bluff.

When work or life tells you to take a hike, we have you covered!

Lake Bob Sandlin Trails Map

TPW Magazine: Park News

Big Thicket by Boat

Kayaker in Martin Dies, Jr. State Park paddling trails

As we paddle down the Angelina River, I keep my eyes peeled for the entrance to the secret swampy world. This is the Forks of the River country. It's a maze of densely vegetated backwaters just above where the Angelina and Neches rivers meet, at the edge of the Big Thicket.

The sloughs and cypress swamps around Martin Dies, Jr. State Park provide endless opportunities for exploration. The park's paddling trails covering lake, river and bayou provide a paddling variety unmatched anywhere in the state.

Read more in TPW Magazine.

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Summer Fun

Sun's out, fun's out! Swim, paddle and explore at a Texas State Park.

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