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Cool Caves

Longhorn Cavren

It's hot outdoors, but it's cool underground. Explore a cave at a state park and get a few hours' relief from the hot August sun.

Longhorn Cavern stays a comfortable 68 degrees year-round. Stroll through time on an easy 1.5-hour walking tour or wiggle and crawl on a primitive caving adventure.

Explore undeveloped caves at Colorado Bend State Park. Tours range from beginner to advanced.

Kickapoo Cavern State Park hosts cave tours every Saturday. The park calls tours of this undeveloped cave a “moderately strenuous underground hiking adventure.”

Hike Pick: Sea Rim State Park

On the Boardwalk

Gambusia Boardwalk @Sea Rim State Park

Take a stroll at the water's edge on the Gambusia Boardwalk at Sea Rim State Park. Explore a brackish marsh filled with life along this easy ¾-mile path.

A mosaic of tall marsh grasses surrounds you as you observe birds that come here to feed. Stop to peer into the water, and you may catch a glimpse of some of the many fish and shellfish that start their lives here.

The trail begins at the northern edge of the parking lot on the beach side of the park, then loops back to its starting point.

Park Pick: Martin Dies, Jr. State Park

East Texas Adventure

Martin Dies, Jr. State Park

I've been working in the forests of East Texas from Paris to Brazoria for over 30 years. But on a recent visit to Martin Dies Jr. State Park, I was pleasantly surprised to experience three “firsts.”

A night hike, suggested by my companions, was my first “first.” I had never gone out into a state park forest at night, except to make my way to the well-lit ladies' room. We thrilled at finding phosphorescent fungi (my second “first”) near the trail.

My final “first” was canoeing down the Walnut Slough Paddling Trail. Such a different perspective to glide along on top of glassy water, filled with known and unknown creatures.

Read more in TPW Magazine.

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Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Sun's out, fun's out! Swim, paddle and explore at a Texas State Park.

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