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Blaze a Trail

Caddy Trail at Lockhart State Park

Trails take us places. They connect us. They let us experience nature. They put sweat on our brow and a smile on our face.

TPWD's trails take us by foot through pine forests, by bike down Hill Country canyons, by horse through rugged West Texas mountains, by car down the coast to chase migrating songbirds, and by kayak through mangrove-filled waterways.

Find a trail at a Texas state park near you!

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Hike Pick: Falcon State Park

In the Quiet Places

Trail - Falcon State Park

Falcon State Park is known for its fishing and swimming, but have you ever walked its trails? See the park on a whole new level on a hike through the thorn-scrub. Greater roadrunners and a ton of other birds and wildlife thrive in these quiet places away from people. You will, too!

Choose your own adventure by entering at one of several trailheads. The park's trail loop is about 4 miles, so you can see it all without too much effort.

Take water and a map with you. Help us keep the trails clean: carry out your trash or pick up any litter you find!

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Arcade Game

Monahans arcade game

Can video games happily coexist with outdoor recreation? At Monahans Sandhills State Park, the answer is yes. The TPWD exhibit shop built and installed a Nintendo-inspired ‘80s-style arcade game to connect the heart and minds of visitors to the resources of the state park.

“The water tables are why this whole place is populated and has been since prehistory,” says Dana Younger, exhibits manager for Texas state parks. “It can be a complicated thing to talk about, so we created a video game to give kids and adults an idea of why this area is out there.”

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Activities and Programs

Get Healthy in State Parks

Get Healthy in State Parks

Start the year off right! Your state parks have some of the best activities and programs for your physical, mental, and social health goals.

Cheers to a Healthy 2020!

Spotlight on Texas Parks & Wildlife

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