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We Will Not Be Tamed!

Leon McNeill - The Untamed

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is encouraging Texans to get involved in conserving the wild things and wild places of our state. We Will Not Be Tamed calls you to appreciate the wildness of Texas, the vastness of our Texas spirit and why we should be inspired to conserve it. Learn how to conserve Texas' wild things and places.


Big Time Texas Hunts Entries are on Sale Now!


For the past 20 + years, Big Time Texas Hunts has offered you a chance to win premium hunting opportunities that support wildlife conservation and habitat management. This year, we are proud to offer 10 premium hunting packages on some of the best private ranches and TPWD Wildlife Management Areas across Texas! Enter now for only $9 online or $10 at your local license retailer.

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State Parks

Reservation Improvements in 2019

Camping in a Tyler State Park

New ways to plan your state park visits are coming in early 2019. You'll have access to new online and mobile-friendly features to be able to:

  • Pick Your Site – Reserve specific campsites or overnight facilities in advance
  • Reserve Day Use – Buy a “Save The Day” Pass in advance, ensuring your entry to any park
  • Buy Your Parks Pass – Buy or renew your Texas State Parks Pass online

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Watch TPW Television

Airing on PBS this Week

Play Now Catching Crappie, Cooking Crappie & Bald Eagles PBS

Catching Crappie, Cooking Crappie & Bald Eagles

Meet a couple of guys who live to catch crappie, and want to help you learn all about these fantastic fish. Now that you've got some crappie in the boat, it's time to make 'em into a tasty meal, frying style. The Bald Eagle is no longer on the endangered species list. Visit a couple of eagle nests and see how these magnificent birds are overcoming new challenges.

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5 Texas Caves

Kickapoo Cavern

When it's 100 degrees on a Texas summer afternoon, there's no better time to visit a cave, where the temperature sits at little more than 70 degrees all year long. This month, Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine highlights 5 Texas caves that you can go underground and explore!

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Hunting, Fishing & Boating

Get Your New Outdoor Annual

Outdoor Annual

The new hunting and fishing comes with new season dates, rules and regulations. Be sure you're in the know when you're afield or afloat. Pick up a copy of the new Outdoor Annual when you buy your license, or download the free app now. You can also find regulation information at This year, the Outdoor Annual also includes boating regulations!

Activities and Programs

Cool Escapes

Cool Escapes

Beat the heat with a swim, paddle, star party and more at Texas State Parks.

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Federal Red Snapper Season

Red Snapper

The private recreational angler red snapper season in federal water closes Wednesday Aug 22, 2018. State waters out to nine nautical miles remain open.

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Protect the Lakes You Love

Play Now Clean, Drain, Dry Your Boat

Invasive species like giant salvinia and zebra mussels can ruin fishing, boating and swimming for everyone. You can't always tell if a lake is infested with invasive species, and even a small piece left on your boat or gear can infest another lake. That's why it's so important to always clean drain and dry your boat, trailer and gear before traveling from lake to lake. It's up to you to protect the lakes you love.

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State Parks

Download the Official App for Texas State Parks!

State Parks App

Now find your perfect state park escape using the Texas State Parks Official Guide for Apple and Android devices. The free app locates campgrounds, cabins, trails and places to hike, bike, swim, fish or kayak. And it'll give you all the details on 95 state parks in Texas. Learn more about the app

Law Enforcement

TPWD's New Prosecutor of the Year Award Reflects Critical Role To Protect Woods, Waters, Wildlife

Lone Star Law

A brand-new award aims to formally recognize a courtroom champion each year for exemplary efforts in prosecuting fish, wildlife, water safety, natural and cultural resource or other environmental crimes in Texas. Nominees may include any prosecutor at the county, district, state or federal level whose action occurred during the previous two calendar years.

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