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State Parks

Park Funding on November Ballot

Building a Brighter Future for Texas State Parks

Proposition 5 is a constitutional amendment that provides a reliable and permanent source of funds for state parks and historic sites - without increasing taxes. Texans will vote on Prop 5 on November 5.

 Learn how Prop 5 would help Texas build new parks and improve and repair existing parks.


Enter to Win a Drawn Hunt

Dove Hunting

Whether you're after exotic animals or the traditional deer, we have options for every hunter! Each entry will cost anywhere from $0 to $10, and Youth Only category entries are always free. Application deadlines are the 1st and 15th of each month from August through October. Browse available hunts by location or category and apply for your favorites today.

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Big Time Texas Hunts Entries are on Sale Now!


Take a chance and enter to win any of 10 premium hunting packages on some of the best private ranches and TPWD Wildlife Management Areas across Texas! For only $9 online or $10 at your local license retailer, you could win the hunts of a lifetime. Plus, your entry fees will go towards conservation and habitat management, keeping hunting fun for everyone. Enter today!

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Play Now Park Arts, Boardwalk Birds, Pronghorn Puzzle PBS

Park Arts, Boardwalk Birds, Pronghorn Puzzle

The beauty of a natural place takes on fresh dimension and draws different crowds when arts activities like sculpture, painting and photography are paired with parks. Hurricane Harvey wiped out one of the best birding boardwalks on the coast. But the boardwalk and the birds are back. Landowners and biologists are working to stabilize pronghorn antelope populations on the Marfa Plateau.

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Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

October 2019 Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine cover

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Shark Hunters


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Activities and Programs

Fall for Parks

Fall for Parks

Autumn in Texas brings some of the best weather of the year! Enjoy the crisp fall season with a colorful hike, a feast in the park, or a camping getaway.

  Celebrate the Fall

Hunting and Fishing

Win a Lifetime License!

Lifetime License Drawing

The Lifetime License Drawing is your chance to win a Lifetime Super Combo License ($1,800 value) that lets you hunt and fish in Texas without ever buying another state license. There are 3 chances to win and $5 entries are on sale from August 15 – November 30. Enter early for your best chance to win.

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Neighborhood Fishin'

Dad and son fishing

Catch your catfish close to home at Neighborhood Fishin' lakes and ponds. Help your kid hook a keeper!

Find a lake near you


Stop Invasive Species this Boating Season

Play Now Clean, Drain, Dry Your Boat

Boaters, you have an important role to play in protecting the lakes we love from invasive species. Invaders like giant salvinia and zebra mussels can hitch a ride on your boats and trailers. What can you do to help? Always clean, drain, and dry your boat, trailer, and gear before traveling from lake to lake.

Do you store your boat in the water? If there are zebra mussels in that lake, they have very likely attached to your boat. Before moving it to another lake, decontaminate it. Call us at (512) 389-4848 for guidance.

State Parks

Discover Park Waterfalls

Gorman Falls - Colorado Bend

The soothing sound of falling water can be found at these 3 parks:

  • Gorman Falls is a 65-foot shimmering spectacle at Colorado Bend.
  • The Pedernales River cascades over limestone to create Pedernales Falls.
  • Both 100-foot Madrid Falls and 80-foot Mexicano Falls are found at rugged Big Bend Ranch.

Waterfalls create fragile habitats – so respect their rules. Read more about waterfalls in our blog post Texas Waterfalls. Popular parks can quickly reach capacity, so get a day pass or make camping reservations before you visit.

Our Wild Texas

Four Foxes of Texas

Four Foxes

Foxes possess both dog and cat-like qualities, so their young can be called pups or kits. Texas has 4 fox species: Gray fox – the most common, it’s the only fox that climbs trees and naps in the branches. Red fox – its many feline traits include arching its back and puffing up when frightened, and its pups even hiss like kittens. Kit fox – our smallest fox at 3-6 lbs., it lives in West Texas deserts. Swift fox – similar to the kit fox, but only found in the Panhandle.

Read more about them in "The Other Foxes"

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