Specialized Teams: How Texas Game Wardens have Diversified and Expanded for Various Needs

See this November 2019 article about our diversified and expanded needs from the Texas Wildlife Association's Texas Wildlife magazine.

Game Warden Strategic Plan

Female Game Warden

Our agency mission is to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

The Law Enforcement Division Vision is, as Texas Game Wardens, to proudly honor and respect our heritage while embracing the future. We continue to take progressive steps to improve our culture and practices to better serve and protect the natural resources and people of Texas.

2019 Midwest Officer of the Year Named

Sean Reneau - 2019 Midwest Officer of the Year

Nacogdoches-area Game Warden Sean Reneau was selected as the 2019 Officer of the Year for the Association of Midwest Fish and Game Law Enforcement Officers. The association is comprised of twenty-nine member agencies from the United States and Canada.

Sean was recognized for his outstanding service and accomplishments. He displays an excellent attitude driven by his contagious passion for being a Texas Game Warden. Sean is a true Game Warden through and through and exemplifies the core values of what we have been throughout our history.

2019 Texas Wildlife Officer of the Year named by Shikar-Safari Club International

Rachel Kellner - 2019 Texas Wildlife Officer of the Year

Shikar-Safari Club International has named Uvalde County Game Warden Rachel Kellner as its Texas Wildlife Officer of the Year.

Each year, the Shikar-Safari Club International recognizes Game Wardens from North America as “Wildlife Officers of the Year.” This marks the 40th year this award has been presented to a deserving Texas Game Warden.

Rachel has been stationed in Uvalde County for the duration of her 16 years of state service. Rachel is a part of the Texas Game Warden Critical Incident team where she is honored to carry the title of Team Lead for Western Texas. She has also acted as the public information officer for numerous events. In addition, she has started a very popular outreach event “Women Who Wander,” which expects over 800 participants this year.

Sky Rescue: Helicopter Search and Rescue Team

“Any natural disaster and we will go.” Since 1895 our Texas Game Wardens have played a critical role in protecting Texas. They are here to help the citizens of Texas with an integrated team of professionals.

From well-trained helicopter pilots to K-9 teams to sonar-equipped dive teams, they risk their lives to protect others. From swift water rescue boats to helicopter hoists, there is no value that can be placed upon losing a human life.

Your Texas Game Wardens strive to maintain funding levels to have an appropriate response to persons in need in Texas.

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