Texas Game Wardens

  • Two Game Wardens standing in a skiff on lake patrol
  • Two Game Wardens from the specialized SCOUT team at night
  • Game Warden on patrol in the Devils River area in a kayak
  • Game Warden assisting a child with attaching a bobber while fishing
  • Game Warden on a lake patrol in West Texas
  • Game Warden using night vision goggles from fixed wing aircraft at night
  • Game Warden Cadet on obstacle course while in the training academy
  • Two Game Wardens using a laser mapping device to plot a boating accident
  • Two Game Wardens on river patrol on the Rio Grande
  • Two Game Wardens checking an oyster boat harvest in Galveston Bay
  • Game Warden on vehicle patrol in far West Texas
  • Game Warden Honor Guard at a funeral in East Texas
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Texas Game Warden badge

Texas Game Warden Mission Statement

Since 1895, our mission has been to have Texas Game Wardens serve the citizens of Texas by providing professional law enforcement, water safety, and search and rescue, while working to conserve and protect the natural resources of Texas.

Game Warden Strategic Plan

Female Game Warden

For over 100 years, Texas Game Wardens have exemplified dedication, passion and commitment to protecting the natural resources of Texas.

As fully commissioned State Peace Officers, Texas Game Wardens not only enforce fishing, hunting and water safety laws; they also apprehend dangerous criminals and provide valuable public safety to the people of Texas.

We now have our Strategic Plan available, which includes our primary goals, strategies, and leadership model.

Texas Boating Officer of the Year

Patricia Vannoy - Texas Boating Officer of the Year

Chambers County Game Warden Patricia Vannoy was named Texas Boating Officer of the Year. This is an annual award given by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

Based east of Houston in Chambers County, Vannoy is very active in promoting boater safety, detecting Boating While Intoxicated offenses, enforcing fish and game rules, and coordinating public outreach programs.

She is also a certified boat accident investigator and member of the State Forensic Reconstruction and Mapping team, which conducts detailed followup on boat crashes in Texas. She is known as being highly skilled and resourceful at these investigations, and has been called upon to lead numerous high profile cases. We congratulate her and greatly value her determination to make Texas’ waterways safer.

Search and Rescue, Disaster Response

“Any natural disaster and we will go.” Since 1895 our Texas Game Wardens have played a critical role in protecting Texas. They are here to help the citizens of Texas with an integrated team of professionals.

From well-trained helicopter pilots to K-9 teams to sonar-equipped dive teams, they risk their lives to protect others. From swift water rescue boats to helicopter hoists, there is no value that can be placed upon losing a human life.

Your Texas Game Wardens strive to maintain funding levels to have an appropriate response to persons in need in Texas.