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Landscaping for Birds

Putting out feeders is one way to attract wildlife to your yard. A better way is to create a wildscape in a backyard or on a patio. Wildscapes native plants by ecoregion: Wildscapes publications: This is a Passport to Texas video: Other Passport to Texas videos:

New Search and Rescue Drone - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Texas game wardens are adding a new set of eyes in the sky with a new Search and Rescue Drone or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Watch this simulated rescue of some lost children.

Night Hikes at State Parks - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Experience nature in a different way on a night hike in a state park.

In Memory of Jacob - Texas Parks and Wildlife

A young man lost his life wanting to serve his country. But he saved many others. See this story on Texas Parks and Wildlife's PBS show airing February 4-10, 2018. See the whole story at

Bald Eagle Fun Facts - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Bald Eagles nest from July to October. Eaglets fledge 11-12 weeks after they hatch.