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Join the City Nature Challenge

The worldwide City Nature Challenge is a fun way to see which city can document the most species in 4 days. Using the free iNaturalist app, you can participate on your own or join an event. Be part of the Texas challenge at Learn more about iNaturalist at And visit the City Nature Challenge website at Music: Poddington Bear – “Colocate”

Quail Research Hunt - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Members of the young professionals program, Stewards of the Wild, participate in a quail hunt at the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch in Roby, Texas. The ranch is solely dedicated to the research and restoration of wild quail.

Estero Llano Grande State Park - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Estero Llano Grande State Park The geographic center of the World Birding Center network is Estero Llano Grande State Park. What was once farmland is now a 176-acre refuge for a spectacular array of South Texas wildlife. The mix of thorn forest and man-made wetlands make it a popular destination for birds and birders. Find out more about Estero Llano Grande State Park at

Old Tunnel State Park - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Old Tunnel State Park Abandoned by train traffic long ago, a century-old tunnel near Fredericksburg has become a seasonal home for millions of bats. Now this small state park provides a grand wildlife viewing opportunity on summer evenings. Find out more about Old Tunnel at

South Llano River State Park - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

South Llano River State Park This Texas hill country park, near the town of Junction, has the cure for what ails you. Tubing for the summer sizzle, biking for the weekend warrior, birding for the quiet escape, and some serious fly-fishing for those that crave a tug on the line. Find our more about South Llano River State Park at