Donate Online

Make a 100% tax-deductible donation to Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, the Department's official non-profit partner. Help make life better outside in Texas; choose to support state parks or other priority conservation and outdoor recreation needs in Texas.

Texas State Parks

Help connect families to nature, provide access to outdoor recreation opportunities, and conserve land, water and wildlife.

Native Wildlife and Endangered Species

Donate to help support efforts to protect and assist in the recovery of threatened, endangered and high-priority native species.

Texas Game Wardens

Support the efforts of Texas Game Wardens, who for more than 100 years, have led the way in search and rescue operations and in conservation law enforcement and education.

Inland Fisheries Management

Help with the management and enhancement of our state's freshwater resources, including 191,000 miles of rivers and streams, 200 major springs and over 800 public reservoirs.

Coastal Fisheries Management

Help manage and conserve Texas' four million acres of saltwater resources, including the bays and estuaries and the near shore Gulf of Mexico.

Priority Land Conservation Acquisitions

Provide funding for the acquisition of priority lands with the goal of enhancing habitat conservation and increasing recreational opportunities for Texans.

Hunting Opportunities

Support efforts to increase and enhance hunting access to public and private lands and to manage game populations in order to create more affordable and high-quality public hunting opportunities.

Hunter Education and Youth Hunting

Your generosity keeps Texas' proud hunting tradition alive by providing high-quality hunter education and introductory hunting experiences for youth.

Conservation Education

Help support efforts to educate Texans about the importance of conserving the natural and cultural resources of Texas while increasing participation in outdoor recreational activities.

General Support

I would like to help support Texas Parks and Wildlife and make a direct impact on Texas' lands, waters, fish, and wildlife. Please use my gift where it is needed most!

Donate by Mail

You may also donate by mail to any of the programs listed above, as well as to a specific state park of your choice. Please print out and complete the Donation Form, being sure to indicate the name of the program, state park, project, or initiative you would like to support.

Please mail your check or money order to:

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation
2914 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204