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    Events sponsored by TPWD or in which TPWD is a participant.
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    For high-resolution images from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, visit the TPWD Flickr page.
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    Timely information on TPWD’s activities.
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    Submit an Open Records Request
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    Information about the Texas outdoors is on the radio weekdays across the state.
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    Directory of TPW social media pages.
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    Interested in hosting an event, filming a project, or pro­viding a short-term concession at a Texas State Park.
  3. Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine
    Since 1942, Texas Parks & Wildlife has been a monthly guide to the Texas outdoors.
  4. Texas Parks & Wildlife Television Program
    A weekly, half-hour program airing on PBS stations throughout the state and in a number of other markets around the country.
  5. Under the Texas Sky Podcast
    Introducing the new podcast from Texas Parks and Wildlife about nature, people, and the connection they share.
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    Online video with transcripts.

News Contacts at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

All media inquiries can be referred to the TPWD Press Office or individual agency spokespeople.

Other useful Communications Division contacts:

News contacts in other TPWD divisions:

  • Julie Hagen
    Coastal Fisheries Division Information Specialist
    Lower Texas Coast in Corpus Christi

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