Finance Committee

Wednesday, 9:00 a.m., Nov. 5, 1997

Commission Hearing Room
4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX 78744
Item No. Subject Public Hearing Agenda Item No.
  Approval of the Committee Minutes from the previous meeting  
  Summary of Minutes  
1. Chairman's Charges (Oral Presentation) Committee Only
2. Financial Overview
Staff: Jayna Burgdorf
Committee Only
3. Bond Issuance
Staff: Melanie Callahan
4. FY 1998 Audit Plan
Staff: Lisa Fitzgerald
Committee Only
5. Approval of Gifts
Staff: Jayna Burgdorf; Lydia Saldaña
6. Other Business  

Summary of Minutes
Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Finance Committee

August 27, 1997

BE IT REMEMBERED that heretofore on the 27th day of August 1997, there came on to be heard matters under the regulatory authority of the Parks and Wildlife Commission of Texas, in the commission hearing room of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Headquarters complex, Austin, Travis County, Texas beginning at 9:12 a.m., to wit:


Dick Heath, Chair

Mickey Burleson

Nolan Ryan

Lee M. Bass

Ernest Angelo, Jr.

John Avila, Jr.

Ray Clymer

Carol Dinkins

Susan Howard-Chrane


Commissioner Heath called the meeting to order. The opening statement was read into the record by Executive Director Andrew Sansom.


Commissioner Dick Heath asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the June 4, 1997 meeting. The motion by Commissioner Carol Dinkins; second by Commissioner Nolan Ryan.

(Motion passed unanimously.)


1. BRIEFING - Annual Charge to Committee

Presenter: Chairman Lee M. Bass

Chairman Lee M. Bass requested the Commissions' help regarding the following charges in the next two years: (1) implement the authority and direction given by the 75th Legislature which includes: (a) develop and implement a funding strategy for issuance of the infrastructure revenue bonds and closely track spending against budget and compliance with legislative intent; (2) review Department financial strategy which includes: (a) perform a management audit of the Department with emphasis on cost benefit of program and services, facility revenues, and operations efficiency, (b) evaluate entrepreneurial budgeting system and philosophy, (c) analyze Texas demographic and economic trends as they relate to outdoor customer needs, relations, and price elasticity, and (d) identify opportunities for increased revenue and stable revenue streams; (3) continue to refine and address Department's business data reporting system; (4) investigate opportunities for additional public/private partnerships; and (5) refine and improve point-of-sale program which includes (a) develop recommendations on license format change incorporating customer research.

Commissioner Dick Heath requested assistance from Commissioner Ernest Angelo on Item 2 and Commissioner Nolan Ryan on Items 4 and 5.


Presenters: Mr. Andrew Sansom and Ms. Jayna Burgdorf

Mr. Sansom's presentation consisted of a financial perspective for Fiscal Year 98 and the priorities used to set the budget. Mr. Sansom stated the most important single fact about the Department's operating context is that it's almost entirely user funded. Mr. Sansom noted that sixty percent of the Department's funds come from direct fees: license fees, entrance fees at parks, boat registrations and other direct income; and forty percent of revenues come from indirect payments by users. Those are excise taxes collected by the federal government on ammunition, firearms, fishing tackle, and sporting goods sales tax in Texas. Also discussed was the fact that Texas is 48th among the states in the amount of funding that it provides for parks and recreation.

Mr. Sansom reviewed the priorities for Fiscal Year 98. The largest single priority is deferred maintenance, repair of water and wastewater systems, and other critical repairs. Other priorities discussed were (1) create a public awareness program, (2) open areas previously unavailable to the public, (3) assess inventory, (4) research the use of native plants as a means of out-competing aquatic exotics, (5) water resources, including cleanliness in the San Marcos River by improving the discharges at A. E. Wood hatchery, (6) investment in employees, (7) a customer research program, (8) develop new magazine subscribers, (9) funding for technology, including the geographic information system (GIS Lab), and (10) outreach.

Mr. Sansom read an amendment to the proposed Fiscal Year 98 operating budget. This amendment covered the addition of an employee pay raise of $3.8 million and eight additional positions in the proposed Fiscal Year 98 budget. Commissioner Dick Heath asked for a motion to forward the capital and operating budgets for Fiscal Year 98 to the Commission on August 28, 1997. The motion was moved by Commissioner Susan Howard-Chrane and seconded by Commissioner Ernest Angelo. The motion was passed unanimously.


Presenter: Ms. Melanie Callahan

Ms. Callahan gave a briefing on Texas Parks and Wildlife Investment Policy. Ms. Callahan stated by statute all Department funds are required to be deposited into the Treasury. The notable exceptions are the Varner-Hogg State Park trust account and the Lifetime License Endowment fund. Commissioner Dick Heath asked for a motion for approval to forward the investment policy to the Commission. A motion by Commissioner Carol Dinkins to forward to the Commission on August 28, 1997 was passed unanimously.


Presenter: Mr. Bill Palmer

Mr. Bill Palmer asked for approval to forward a reservation fee proposal to the Texas Register. Commissioner Dick Heath suggested that we gather more information, test offer an 800 number, evaluate the impact, and come back to the committee at a later time and not approve this for posting in the Texas Register at this time.



Commissioner Dick Heath adjourned the committee at 11:10 a.m.

Committee Agenda Item No. 1
Presenter: Andrew Sansom

Finance Committee
Chairman's Charges
November 1997

(This item will be an oral presentation.)

Committee Agenda Item No. 2
Presenter: Jayna Burgdorf

Finance Committee
Financial Review
November 1997

(This item will be an oral presentation.)

Committee Agenda Item No. 3
Presenter: Melanie Callahan

Finance Committee
Bond Issuance
November 1997

(This is Public Hearing Agenda Item No. 5.)

Committee Agenda Item No. 4
Presenter: Kemp Long

Finance Committee
1998 Audit Plan
November 1997

I. Discussion: Staff proposes the 1998 Internal Audit Plan as shown in Exhibit A. This plan was based on a risk assessment developed by the Director of Internal Audit.

II. Recommendation: The staff recommends the Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Finance Committee approves the 1998 Internal Audit Plan as shown in Exhibit A."

Attachment - 1

1. Exhibit A - Proposed 1998 Internal Audit Plan

Committee Agenda Item No. 4
Exhibit A

1998 Internal Audit Plan

Item Weeks Hours
Application Control Review (IFS) 22 880
Application Development 22 880
35 Field Audits 70 2,800
Desk Reviews (contracted) 6 240
Completion of 1997 Projects 8 320
State Auditor's State Parks MCA 6 240
Contingency 10 400
TOTAL 144 5,760

Audit descriptions available upon request.

Committee Agenda Item No. 5
Presenter: Jayna Burgdorf; Lydia Saldaña

Finance Committee
Approval of Gifts
November 1997

(This is Public Hearing Agenda Item No. 7.)

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