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Presenter: Tim Hogsett

Commission Agenda Item No. 4
Boat Ramp Funding
November 2004

I. Executive Summary: The Department has recently received six applications for new boat ramp construction requesting $2,104,024 in matching fund assistance. Funding approval of all six projects is recommended.

II. Discussion: Local Boat Ramp Grants - The State Boat Ramp Program was authorized in 1975 by the Sixty-fourth Legislature. The program provides funds for the purchase, construction and maintenance of boat ramps, access roads and related improvements. Program funds may also be used for capital improvements to existing state boat ramp sites. The program receives funding from two sources: (1) The Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act, also known as the Wallop-Breaux Program, and (2) The State Game, Fish and Water Safety Fund.

Fifteen percent of the State's annual apportionment from the federal Wallop-Breaux Program must be used to provide public access for motor boating facilities. Construction for new ramps is supported on a 75 percent (state) 25 percent (local) basis.

Aransas County Navigation District #1 is requesting a 75 percent matching share grant in the amount of $187,202 for renovation of a parking lot and loading ramp, a pollution prevention plan, and construction of a mooring pier, fish cleaning station, and signs. The facility is located at Cove Harbor South on Aransas Bay in Rockport.

The Brazos River Authority is requesting $103,125 in 75 percent matching funds to renovate an existing single-lane boat ramp and parking area, and construct a courtesy dock, restroom and signs. The facility is located at the North D&D Public Use Area on Possum Kingdom Lake near Graford.

Hidalgo County is requesting $500,000 in 75 percent matching funds to renovate an existing boat ramp, dock, fish cleaning station, and lighting. The facility is located at the Anzalduas Dam on the Rio Grande River adjacent to the Lower Rio Grande National Wildlife Refuge near Mission.

The Lubbock County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 is requesting $500,000 in 75 percent matching funds to construct a new 3-lane boat ramp and restroom, and renovate three existing restrooms at various locations on the lake. The facility is located on Buffalo Springs Lake near Lubbock.

The Mackenzie Municipal Water Authority is requesting $33,697 in 75 percent matching funds to construct a courtesy dock, pier, and signs at two existing boat ramps. The facility is located on Lake Mackenzie between Tulia and Silverton.

The Department is requesting $780,000 in 75 percent matching funds to construct a 2-lane boat ramp, dock, dredging, roads and parking. These facilities will be located at the Sheldon Lake Environmental Learning Center site in Harris County.

All facilities except the Sheldon Lake project will be operated and maintained by the local government sponsors.

III. Recommendation: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"Funding for new construction/renovation projects in the amount of $2,104,024 is approved for boating access facilities in Aransas County, Briscoe County, Harris County, Hidalgo County, Lubbock County, and Palo Pinto County ."

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