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Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Public Hearing

May 28, 2009 Commission Meeting

Donations of $500.00 or More
Not Previously Acknowledged by the Commission

# Donor Description Detail & Purpose of Donation *Amount
1 Partners in Palo Duro Canyon, Inc. Other Goods Two (2) each commercial grade Whirlpool washing machines and commercial grade Whirlpool clothes dryers for use at Palo Duro Canyon $3,576.00
2 Convention & Visitors Bureau Cash Cash donation for Resaca de la Palma State Park to be used towards Grand Opening expenses $500.00
3 Republic Waste Services In-Kind Services Twelve day use and haul off of 30 yard dumpster for 2009 Abandoned Crab Trap Removal $720.00
4 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (Anheuser-Busch) Cash Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo $11,387.45
5 Coastal Conservation Association of Texas Cash To offset costs to TPWD for gloves to facilitate the 2009 Abandoned Crab Trap Cleanup Program $522.00
6 Coastal Bend Bays and Estuary Program Other Goods To offset costs to TPWD for tarps to facilitate the 2009 Abandoned Crab Trap Cleanup Program $649.00
7 SPX Marketing Other Goods Eleven (11) pairs of boots, One (1) Hummingbird depth finder, thirty (30) under vest shirts for use in the Law Enforcement Program $2,740.43
8 Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies/Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership Cash For nuisance aquatic vegetation control on Lake Caddo $28,000.00
9 Texas Outdoors Woman Network Cash To assist the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program $500.00
10 United States Forest Service Controlled Items Twenty (20) desktop and laptop computers $13,000.00
11 Wal-Mart Cash General donation for Lockhart State Park $1,000.00
12 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Playground construction at Fort Parker State Park $2,000.00
13 McBride's Gun, Inc. Other Goods Five (5) $200 gift cards to purchase ammo and supplies for Region IX youth sporting trailer. $1,000.00
Total $65,594.88

*Estimated value used for goods and services

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