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Troubleshooting Internet Reservations

If you are experiencing any problems with this system, please check the information below. All of the browser settings described in questions 1, 2, and 3, must be made in order for the site to work properly. These are standard settings for most e-commerce web sites. If all else fails, contact us by e-mail. Please describe what you were doing and include any error messages you received.

Updated August 2, 2013

  1. Question: Why does the software repeatedly return to the Login screen?
    Answer: Your browser Trusted Sites, does not include the reservation site. In security settings, add these addresses to your Trusted Sites: "" ; "" ; "" and "". Also be sure you uncheck the option to "Require server verification..." and turn off “Protected Mode”.  Close and reopen your browser after making these changes

  2. Question: Why does the software repeatedly loop me back to the same screen with no option to advance?
    Answer: Your pop-up blocker is turned on, preventing you from seeing instructions in pop-up windows. Cookies and JavaScript must also be enabled. Also, check your tabs and other open windows, sometimes a map or pop up will display behind your currently open window. It might help to maximize and refresh your page as well.

  3. Question: Why am I unable to complete a reservation? The software just stops advancing and I get no error messages.
    Answer: Verify that you are using a compatible browser. Sometimes clearing your browser's cache and cookies, closing the browser and then reopening it will solve the issue. Sometimes using a different browser solves the issue. This web site uses 128 bit security encryption. This requires you use Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.5 or higher, Firefox version 3.0 or higher, Safari Version 4.0 or higher, Google Chrome Version12.0 or higher, or Opera Version 11.11 or higher. All browsers must have the pop up blocker turned off, cookies enabled and Java enabled. If you still are unable to complete a reservation, and you are using one of the above mentioned browsers, please call 512-389-8900 and select options 1, 4 (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday)

  4. Question: Why did I just receive a "Timed-out" message?
    Answer: Your computer sat idle on one page for more than 20 minutes, or "cookies" are disabled; cookies must be enabled for these pages to function correctly

  5. Question: Why don't I receive an e-mail when I see a message that one has been sent?
    Answer: Make certain that your e-mail does not treat the following address as Junk Mail: "". Sometimes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will block e-mail as well. If you still do not receive your e-mail from infospherix or reserveworld after changing your settings, contact your ISP and ask them to allow email from Infospherix and ReserveWorld.

  6. Question: I am unable to print my confirmation. How do I get a record of my transaction?
    Answer: A confirmation notice will be sent to your e-mail address soon after you see the "Reservation Successful" page.

  7. Question: How do I find out what e-mail address I have on my account?
    Answer: Please call the TPWD Customer Service Center, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, at 512-389-8900 and select options 1, 4. They will confirm your e-mail address for you.

  8. Question: Why are some of the messages or displays so hard to see on my smartphone?
    Answer: All of the smartphones we have tested (Android, Apple, Windows) are able to complete reservations using the phone's web browser. A lot of scrolling is necessary to see all of the functions, due to the many different screen sizes, settings and shapes. You may think you are looking at a blank screen when you have scrolled to an area without any print. It may take some experimentation to figure out how to proceed through different pages. If you can, first use a full screen computer to become familiar with the website pages. It will then be easier to navigate by smart phone.

  9. Question: How do I recover my Login name or Password?
    Answer: Select the Login option and choose to have Login Name or Password e-mailed to you. You must use the e-mail address from your web account. We will send you a temporary Login name, or a temporary password, that you will be asked to change when you use it..

  10. Question: How can I get into my account if I forgot the answer to my Security Question?
    Answer 1: If you are willing to make a new account with a different e-mail address: If you don't mind using a new e-mail address, create a new user account (as if you have no past reservations, or overnight stays). You must use a new e-mail address as the one on your existing account will not be accepted. After you finish your reservations, contact us by e-mail, or call 512-389-8900 and select options 1, 4 (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday) and ask to have your two accounts merged.
    Answer 2: If you wish to keep your existing e-mail address: Please call Customer Service at 512-389-8900 and select options 1, 4 (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday). Let them know that you forgot your security answer and need to have your e-mail deleted from your account. Then you will need to create a new user account (as if you have no past reservations, or overnight stays). You may use your e-mail address (the one we just deleted). Let the Customer Service representative know when you are done, and ask to have the accounts merged.

  11. Question: I select SEARCH or NEXT, the screen flickers but it looks like nothing changed. What do I do?
    Answer: Maximize and refresh your screen, then watch for scroll bars to appear on the right side of your screen or window. They indicate that there is more data available than will fit on your screen. Also, a pop-up message may be blocked by your browser software. Please turn off all pop-up blockers.

  12. Question: I selected one of the last sites available, but when I tried to add it to the shopping cart; I received a message that it was not available. What happened?
    Answer: The site was placed in another customer's shopping cart just ahead of you. At any moment in time there can be hundreds of people in the Web site, Call Center and in the Parks making reservations. A site is not held from inventory until it is placed in the shopping cart. A site is not reserved until the confirmation payment has been made. As the number of available sites get low, It is possible that a site which showed to be available only a few seconds ago may be "booked out from under you" while you complete the reservation process. This is the primary reason that we encourage you to login before you conduct a search for sites.

  13. Question: Can I view my past reservations?
    Answer: You can view all of your reservations by logging in, selecting My Account and then My Reservation Details. At the top of the list you will see all of your future and past reservations that have not been cancelled. Further down the list you will see all of your reservations that have been cancelled.

  14. Question: When the Call Center is closed, how can I make changes to an existing reservation?
    Answer: Short answer: you cannot change the existing reservation online. Long Answer: you may make new reservation(s) to add new days or new sites to what you already have or to replace the existing reservation. Note that you will need to check in at the park for each new arrival date you create. Very important: if you no longer need the original reservation, cancel it after you create and confirm the new reservation(s). You can cancel a web reservation you created online; we also accept phone cancellations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (512) 389-8900 and press 1, 4. Phone cancellations are time and date stamped at the time they are received.

  15. Question: When creating a new account I keep getting an error message that "[field name] should be alphabetic". What does that mean? Answer: Do not use any spaces, numbers or special characters when entering information. Use letters of the alphabet only, with no spaces between any names or words.

  16. Question: I am trying to make reservations 333 days in advance of arrival. I open my browser before midnight and check availability, there are a few sites available, but at 12:01 when I try to place those sites in my shopping cart, I get a message that they are not available.
    Answer: You must enter the arrival date on the initial search screen after midnight. If you use the same browser session that you opened before midnight, the system uses the session start time which is a day early. It is also important to note that specific site types in some parks are in very high demand for popular camping dates. Those sites will completely book up in just a few minutes after midnight. Suggestion: If the sites you seek are booked up 333 days out, start checking those dates again after a week or two and at least monthly thereafter up until the day before arrival (many of these bookings are cancelled as vacation plans change throughout the year).

Contact us by e-mail or call (512) 389-8900 and select options 1, 4 (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday)

Internet reservations can be made for most parks; others are available through the Central Reservation Center. For more information please go to our Main Reservations Page.

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