Hunting & Wildlife FAQ - Wildlife & Land Management

Q1: I'm looking for assistance in managing wildlife and habitat. What do I do?
A1: Contact the field based wildlife biologist that serves your county. This information can be found by going to our website under Land & Water - Find a Biologist - and by clicking on your specific county.

Q2: How do I find information about getting an agricultural valuation for wildlife management?
A2: A wildlife tax valuation is only for those lands that are currently appraised as open spaced agricultural land. More information can be found on our website by going to Land & Water - Agriculture Property Tax Conversion.

Q3: What is a LAMPS permit and how do I get one?
A3: A LAMPS permit is a Landowner Assisted Management Permitting System permit. These permits allow a hunter to harvest an antlerless deer during an otherwise buck-only season. Our Jasper office handles this program. Call them at (409) 489-0823 for assistance or you can go to our website: Hunting and Wildlife - Permits - Deer Permits - LAMPS, for more information.

Q4: What is a MLD Permit and how can I get one?
A4: An MLD is a Managed Land Deer Permit. These permits allow hunters to take additional deer to better control and manage their deer herd. There are three levels of MLDs. The first, a MLD Level 1 allows the harvest of antlerless deer. A MLD 2 allows the take of both antlerless deer and spike bucks. A MLD 3 allows the harvest of antlerless and any size buck deer. To obtain this permit one needs to talk to their county Wildlife Biologist. The Biologist's names and phone numbers can be obtained by calling us or by going to the website: Land & Water - Find a Biologist - and clicking on your specific county.

Q5: How can I raise game birds and where can I get game birds to raise?
A5: To raise game birds, one would need to obtain a Game Bird Breeders license from our licensing department. They would also have information on other breeders. Additional information can be found on our website at: Hunting & Wildlife - Licenses - Commercial Licenses.

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