Locations of Fish Attractors

TPWD Inland Fisheries offices have worked with local organizations to create underwater structure for fish in certain reservoirs. GPS coordinates for these fish attractors are available here. Information can be downloaded as a comma-delimited text file (CSV), a GPX file (GPS Exchange format) for importing into a GPS unit, or a KML file to open in Google Earth or Google Maps. Online maps or diagrams showing approximate locations are also available for some reservoirs.

To download a file, right-click the link and choose "Save as..." or "Save target as..." and watch to make sure the file saves with the appropriate extension (.gpx, .csv or .kml) Some browsers will attempt to convert the GPX to XML; if that happens, change the extension to .gpx before saving.

DDM = degrees, decimal minutes | DMS = degrees, minutes, seconds | DD = decimal degrees
Reservoir CSV file (DDM format) CSV file (DMS format) CSV file (DD format) GPX file (DD format) KML file (DD format) Lake Diagram & Chart
Amistad Reservoir AmistadDDM AmistadDMS AmistadDD AmistadGPX AmistadKML  
Aquilla AquillaDD  
Archer City ArcherCityDDM ArcherCityDMS ArcherCityDD ArcherCityGPX ArcherCityKML  
Arrowhead ArrowheadDDM ArrowheadDMS ArrowheadDD ArrowheadGPX ArrowheadKML  
Austin AustinDDM   AustinDD     Austin map
Brandy Branch BrandyDDM   BrandyDD   BrandyKML Brandy Branch map
Brazos BrazosDDM BrazosDMS BrazosDD BrazosGPX BrazosKML Brazos map
Brownwood     BrownwoodDD     Brownwood map
Buchanan BuchananDDM BuchananDMS BuchananDD BuchananGPX BuchananKML Buchanan map
Canyon CanyonDDM CanyonDMS CanyonDD CanyonGPX CanyonKML Canyon map
Conroe ConroeDDM ConroeDMS ConroeDD ConroeGPX ConroeKML Conroe map
Lake Fork ForkDDM ForkDMS ForkDD Fork map
Georgetown GeorgetownDDM GeorgetownDMS GeorgetownDD GeorgetownGPX GeorgetownKML Georgetown map
Gibbons Creek GibbonsDDM GibbonsDMS GibbonsDD GibbonsGPX GibbonsKML  
Holbrook HolbrookDDM HolbrookDMS HolbrookDD HolbrookGPX HolbrookKML Holbrook map (PDF)
Hords Creek Reservoir HordsCreekDDM HordsCreekDMS HordsCreekDD HordsCreekGPX HordsCreekKML Hords Creek map
Inks InksDDM InksDMS InksDD InksGPX InksKML Inks map
Mill Creek MillCreekDDM MillCreekDMS MillCreekDD MillCreekGPX MillCreekKML Mill Creek map
Nasworthy NasworthyDDM NasworthyDMS NasworthyDD NasworthyGPX NasworthyKML Nasworthy map
Possum Kingdom     PosKingDD     Possum Kingdom map
Sam Rayburn RayburnDDM RayburnDMS RayburnDD RayburnGPX RayburnKML  
San Augustine     SanAugustineDD      
Tradinghouse Creek     TradinghouseDD     Tradinghouse map
Welsh WelshDDM WelshDMS WelshDD WelshGPX WelshKML  
Waco     WacoDD     Waco map

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