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About the Area

Inks Lake

Locations of Fish Attractors

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A network of ten gravel beds, bordered by brush piles, was installed beneath the north fishing pier to attract sunfish and other popular game species. Underwater lights and cedar-tree piles have been installed at other points around the lake. Anglers may use GPS in conjunction with a fish finder to locate these structures. Locations are shown on the map and chart below. Coordinates are also available in downloadable files.

Lake map showing locations of fish attractors

Coordinates and Details
# Latitude Longitude Description Installed
1 30° 44.656' -98° 21.907' North pier in Inks Lake State Park (gravel beds, cedar trees) 2011
2 30° 44.024' -98° 22.541' South pier in Inks Lake State Park (underwater green lights 2013
3 30° 44.741' -98° 23.417' Ledge off long point (cedar trees) 2013
4 30° 44.667' -98° 22.211' Rocky point dropoff (cedar trees) 2013
5 30° 44.008' -98° 22.784' Hazard area dropoff (cedar trees) 2013
6 30° 43.924' -98° 23.092' Dropoff on rock island by dam (cedar trees) 2013


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