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Texas Hummingbird Roundup:
Broad-billed (Cyanthus latirostris)

Broad-billed Hummingbird
(Cyanthus latirostris)
Artwork © 2005 TPWD

This stocky bird with broad, bluish tail with gray tips and dark cheek patches is found in bushy woods, thickets, partial clearings, rocky slopes and riparian woodlands as well as in our gardens. They have occurred in every ecoregion except the Piney Woods of east Texas. These birds are quite sexually dimorphic and emerge out of Mexico each year with scattered sightings across the state.

This bird is a Texas Bird Records Committee review species. All occurrences should be reported to the committee with detailed documentation to enhance our knowledge of this bird in the state.

Identifying Features (Male):

Identifying Features (Female):

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