Great Texas Wildlife Trails

Discover the Wildlife of Texas!


Explore five unique and beautiful regions of Texas through the nine Great Texas Wildlife Trail maps!

Whether you are a birder, a wildlife enthusiast, or just ready to discover the wildlife Texas has to offer, we have a map that makes it easy for you. These 9 driving trail maps will direct you to the best spots in the state to observe wildlife such as birds, butterflies, bats or pronghorns. Texas is the perfect place to view wildlife; the Lone Star State is one of the top birding destinations in the world and is rich in its diverse species of wildlife. Along the trails, you will be captivated by all there is to do and local communities will welcome you with plenty of Texas hospitality.

Texas was the first state in the nation to create birding and wildlife viewing trails, an idea that resulted in similar projects throughout North America.

Our wildlife trails will lead you to over 950 special places where you can view the diverse wildlife and landscapes of Texas.

These trails provide economic incentives for landowners and communities to conserve habitats while providing recreational opportunities for the traveling public. The wildlife trails of Texas promote sustainable economic development and build public support for conservation of wildlife and habitats. 

Beautiful four-color Great Texas Wildlife Trail maps are always available for purchase here.

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