Approved Grant Projects

2016 Grant Cycle 1

Hill Country Conservancy
Project Name: Lazy Bend Ranch
County: Hays
Funding: $75,925

Project Name: Puryear Ranch
County: Travis
Funding: $131,850

The Nature Conservancy
Project Name: Albritton Ranch
County: Bandera
Funding: $307,500

Project Name: Pietila Ranch
County: Culberson
Funding: $335,250

2016 Grant Cycle 2

Guadalupe Blanco River Trust
Project Name: Dreamcatcher Ranch
County: Hays
Funding: $378,089

Texas Agricultural Land Trust
Project Name: Santa Anna (Lower) Ranch
County: Coleman
Funding: $208,000

Valley Land Fund
Project Name: The Javelina Ranch
County: Hidalgo
Funding: $400,000

Map of Approved Grant Projects

Map of Approved Grant Projects