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Papers, Articles and Other Publications

Management of Prymnesium parvum at Texas State Fish Hatcheries, edited by Aaron Barkoh and Loraine T. Fries

Toxic Blooms - 1991 article published in the Chihuahuan Desert Discovery by Gordon W. Linum, Jack Ralph, and Joan Glass, TPWD

A historical assessment of Karenia brevis in the western Gulf of Mexico by Hugo A. Magaña, Cindy Contreras(TPWD) and Tracy A. Villareal Abstract available from the journal Harmful Algae, ( Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 163-231 (August 2003) subscription required to view full text

Thirty Years of Investigating Fish and Wildlife Kills and Pollution in Texas by Cindy Contreras.


Harmful Algae -

Journal of Phycology, International Society of Phycology -

European Journal of Phycology -

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