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Texas Public Boater Access

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Whether you plan to boat, fish, paddle, float or just enjoy Texas rivers, reservoirs and coastal areas, the Texas Public Boater Access (TPBA) website can help.

A work in progress, the TPBA website is an interactive catalog of hundreds of public areas used to access Texas rivers, reservoirs and coastal areas.

To date, two river basins (Colorado and Guadalupe) are available online. Public access data collection for other Texas river basins is in progress and will be added to the website.

TPBA is provided as a public service. Except where indicated the TPWD does not control the public access sites or the lands adjacent to the listed public access sites.

Water areas are inherently dangerous by their nature. TPW does not control or bear any responsibility for the safety of persons who use the water areas or their property. TPW recommends that users check with local authorities before utilizing any of the access sites listed on this website.

Only attempt to use water areas or their associated access sites when they are appropriate for your individual skill level or the skill level of the least experienced person in your party.

In many cases public access sites are surrounded by or adjacent to private property. All river users should respect the rights of private landowners and be familiar with Texas Trespass Laws and the laws of Stream Navigation.

Texas Public Boater Access Information may be obtained by 1) clicking on the river/coastal basin of interest or clicking on the basin icon on the right side of the screen, 2) at the appropriate basin, mouseover the county of interest and after a brief moment the name of the county is displayed, 3) while at the county level mouseover the access locations (yellow dots) for the access of interest and the access name and number will be displayed. 4) Click on the access location of interest to obtain detailed access information. 5) Click on additional county names to switch to counties that are adjacent to the present county you are viewing.

In an attempt to develop a comprehensive Texas Public Boater Access Guide, all known public access sites will be included in this data base. However, some public access sites lack public parking and/or may be dangerous for use as recreational access sites. TPW does not endorse nor recommend for recreational use public access sites that do not have proper parking and/or are dangerous.

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