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Program 2201 — Air Dates October 20–26, 2013, and April 20–26, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineAustin’s Warblers

In the heart of the hill country is the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, and here you will find the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler. Join some biologists as they monitor these unique birds during their nesting season.

Watch OnlineLone Star Land Steward: Jack & Jan Cato

The Leopold Conservation Award winner for the Texas Parks and Wildlife 2013 Lone Star Land Steward awards is split between the Buck Hollow Ranch and the Stockard-Sirianni Ranch. Both ranches are owned by Jack and Jan Cato, two role models for land stewardship in Texas. The Catos are working hard to fight invasive species, preserve water resources, and carry on a tradition of stewardship. The Buck Hollow Ranch is located in Uvalde and Real counties and the Stockard-Sirianni Ranch is located in Frio County. Both ranches present unique challenges and opportunities for conservation practices.

Watch OnlinePedernales Falls Bike Trails

Pedernales Falls State Park is known for its falls of course. Lesser known are the 20 or so miles of hike and bike trails. Take a tour of the trails on two wheels.

Watch OnlineSelling Texas

Each year, outdoor tourism contributes around 36 billion dollars to the state economy. Part of our popularity comes from the good public relations generated by the scores of outdoor-television programs. We’ll look at some of those shows that can’t wait to come here and show off our state.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Lesser Prairie Chickens on the Lek. That’s where they strut and dance and gobble to try and claim a mate.

Program 2202 — Air Dates October 27–November 2, 2013, and April 27–May 3, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineRecovery at Possum Kingdom

The sun is shining and the water’s mighty fine at Possum Kingdom State Park. Two years after a wildfire roared through the park, the popular Texas getaway is back! Take a look at how the park has recovered.

Watch OnlineTexas Horned Lizards

Texas horned lizards are icons of wild Texas, but they are getting harder to find.  Learn what may be causing declines of this legendary critter, and what’s being done about it.

Watch OnlineLone Star Land Steward: Texas Westmoreland Coal Company

Can a coal mine and wildlife coexist? One Texas mining company says yes as it develops innovative methods for restoring native habitat.

Watch OnlineRemembering Bois d’Arc Creek

In just a few years the Bois d’Arc Creek in Fannin County will replaced by the Lower Bois d’Arc Reservoir. What was once bottomland hardwood forest will become a 17,000 acre water supply project. Brothers Russell and William Graves teamed up to produce a film about growing up along the Bois d’Arc and what the loss of this valuable habitat means to those that have a history with the land.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

See the speedy snail as it moves across the landscape.

Program 2203 — Air Dates November 3– 9, 2013, and May 4–10, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineWill Hunt for Food

Marshall Wright is an Austin blogger, a gourmet cook, and now a… hunter?  Urbanites interested in healthy, tasty, locally-sourced foods are trying hunting for the first time.  Follow Marshall as he learns about hunting from this new perspective.

Watch OnlineLone Star Land Steward: Daphne Prairie

The Daphne Prairie is one of the rarest prairies you’ll ever find in Texas, as it has Mima mounds. If you’ve never heard or seen these Mima mounds, now is your chance to check them out.

Watch OnlineParks and Wildlife’s 50th

Texas Parks and Wildlife is celebrating its 50th birthday by inviting people to share their stories and photos about memorable moments in the Texas outdoors. Here’s a look back at what this means for Texans.

Watch OnlineNicole’s Big Adventure

Travel to Big Bend Ranch State Parks with a group of teens from Houston as they make a spiritual connection with the West Texas landscape. For many of these kids, this is their first real experience with wide open spaces.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Brazos Bend State Park is a great place to see alligators, and birds.

Program 2204 — Air Dates November 10–16, 2013, and May 11–17, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineWaiting for Winter Trout

The annual winter stocking of rainbow trout in the Guadalupe River is a much anticipated event. Check out some of the best spots to go to catch these feisty freshwater fish.

Watch OnlineA New North Deer

North Deer Island near Galveston is the largest bird rookery island on the Upper Texas Coast, and it is shrinking. Erosion from waves has pounded the island for years. See what’s being done to preserve this island and protect it for the thousands of birds that nest here every year.

Watch OnlineTalking to the Animals

Gerald Stewart can talk to animals. No, he doesn’t have “Dr. Doolittle” magical powers. Rather, Gerald is a professional animal caller. Using mouth calls and audio cassettes, he can attract birds, owls, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, deer and many more animals.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Witness the natural phenomenon of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

Program 2205 — Air Dates November 17–23, 2013, and May 18–24, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineFlocking with Friends

A Classic Competition from the Coast is now statewide and open to all.  How many different birds can be seen in a day, a morning, or from just one spot?  Follow some folks who decided to find out.

Watch OnlineWhere to Wade

Grab a pole and start wading! It’s a style of fishing few try, yet some anglers say it’s the only way to go. Wade fishing not only puts you right where the action is, but the experts say you can catch more and bigger fish.

Watch OnlineParks & Wildlife People: Calvin Richardson

As the Wildlife District 2 team leader, Calvin Richardson oversees 56 counties, 35 million acres, and 6 district biologists. Not to mention prairie dogs, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, sandhill cranes, and a lot of other species. But Calvin does it with concern not just for the wildlife and habitat, but for the landowners, stakeholders, and his employees as well.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Watch a Longear sunfish watch the camera in the flowing waters of the Pedernales River.

Program 2206 — Air Dates November 24–30, 2013, and May 25–31, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineThe Inspired Artist

From a migrant worker as a youth to an artist that discovers he has an amazing talent. Meet Clemente Guzman who is an inspiration for all of us.

Watch OnlineLone Star Land Steward: Thomsen Foundation

Among the woods and prairies of the Western Cross Timbers, the Thomsen Foundation teaches guests of all ages about the beauty and complexity of native habitat.

Watch OnlineGeocaching Changed My Life

A woman with Asperger Syndrome sees her social life blossom when she takes up geocaching.

Watch OnlineFishing the Late Shift

Whether in saltwater or fresh, Texas has many great spots to spend a day fishing. But for a special breed of angler the best days of fishing are always nights.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

A brood of Panhandle turkeys strut and gobble and compete for attention.

Program 2207 — Air Dates December 1– 7, 2013, and June 1– 7, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineFitting In, Standing Out

Today’s Texas game wardens have dual roles as enforcement officers and educators. Meet one East Texas warden whose involvement with the kids in her community not only helps change their lives, but enriches her as well.

Watch OnlineWild Things: Venomous Snakes

What’s that hissing sound from behind that tree? If it’s a snake, chances are it’s a harmless one. But there are venomous ones are out there, and that means you’d better be careful. We’ll show you how to identify four species of venomous snakes found here in Texas.

Watch OnlineThe Burden of Bounty

The Gulf of Mexico is known to some as “America’s Sea.” In the first segment of a six part series on the state of the gulf, we’ll explore the rich diversity of habitats and creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and the economic benefits they provide to the nation as a whole. We’ll visit the beautiful coral reefs of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, shallow meadows of seagrass in Redfish Bay and the longest undeveloped barrier island, Padre Island National Seashore, one of the homes of the endangered Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle.  Last we will consider how the BP oil spill illustrates the inseparable dynamics of economic and environmental interests.

Watch OnlineOutdoor Info: Safe Firearm Transportation

Get some advice on how to transport your firearms safely to and from the field.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Enjoy a time lapse view of sunrise to sunset at Caprock Canyons State Park.

Program 2208 — Air Dates December 8–14, 2013, and June 8–14, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineCalling All Pintails

The population of Pintail ducks has been declining over the past decade, and wildlife biologists are trying to figure out why. Watch as captured hens are fitted with transmitters, and tracked as they winter on the coast and migrate north.

Watch OnlineHurricanes: A Force of Nature

Examine how hurricanes have impacted Texas; past, present and future. In part two of a six part series on the state of the gulf, we’ll see how a century ago a hurricane determined the future of Indianola and Galveston. Then take a look at how recent hurricanes, Rita and Ike, devastated Sea Rim and Galveston Island State Parks, and the progress of their recovery. We will reiterate the benefits of healthy marshland to diminish the force of hurricanes. Then visit oyster reef restoration sites in Galveston Bay and see how new technology is being used to map the bottom of Texas bays so that future damage from hurricanes can be more accurately assessed.

Watch OnlineWild Things: Bird Migration

How do some birds manage to migrate thousands of miles and return to the same area each year? We’ll examine some of the mysteries of avian navigation.

Watch OnlineParks & Wildlife People: Danny Lewis

Using his affinity for computer programming, Danny Lewis has become an invaluable asset to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. He developed and now maintains the massive Kills and Spills database, along with writing numerous other specialized computer applications that support his Inland Fisheries Division.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Wood storks to warblers live at Caddo Lake, the only naturally occurring lake in Texas.

Program 2209 — Air Dates December 15–21, 2013, and June 15–21, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineK9 Wardens

Texas Game Wardens don’t normally work outside their home state, but the creation of a new law enforcement unit has taken five wardens to Utah for some specialized training.

Watch OnlineFisheries for the Future

In the third of six stories examining the state of the gulf, this episode looks at the challenge of managing fisheries resources for sustainability. We will look at redfish as an example and show how the tools of research, regulation, enforcement and fish stockings have protected and elevated redfish to almost cult status with anglers. We’ll look at efforts to monitor and protect sea grass beds from scarring by boat props. Finally we recognize how private groups like the Coastal Conservation Association have supported the management of redfish and changed the way anglers approach their sport.

Watch OnlineWild Things: Nature’s Clean Up Crew

It’s the ultimate recycling project. Vultures, coyotes and even beetles are hard at work keeping the Texas landscape clean.

Watch OnlineBuck Fever

“Buck Fever” is a condition afflicting both deer hunters and wildlife biologists. And after 25 years of studies, we have learned so much more about how habitat and diet contribute to a healthy herd.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

A dog’s nose can be a powerful tool for law enforcement, but only if the dog is ready to go to work. A game warden explains what they look for in a canine companion.

Program 2210 — Air Dates December 22–28, 2013, and June 22–28, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineThe Invaders

Caddo Lake in East Texas is just one example of how invasive plants are taking Texas by land and water. Are you unknowingly aiding the attack?  Find out from the folks who are fighting to save aquatic habitats from this growing problem.

Watch OnlineWild Things: Bird Beaks

From cracking seeds to spearing fish, birds possess an amazing variety of beaks adapted for some very unique tasks.

Watch OnlineWhat’s in the Water

Take a look at conditions, both natural and man-made, that impact water quality along the Gulf. We will examine the infamous “Dead Zone,” off Louisiana, how it occurs and what its effects are. Learn about harmful algal blooms, such as red tide, where and when they occur and what the public needs to know when they happen. We’ll also look at how water pollution has led to fish consumption advisories for many coastal waters and the trends in coastal water quality. Part four of a six part series.

Watch OnlineLockhart State Park

Lockhart State Park was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in the 1930s. Along with numerous buildings, roads, and bridges, the men and women of the CCC also built a swimming pool that utilizes the spring water coming from a nearby creek. More recently, a nine-hole golf course was added.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

How can a mother tarantula not be proud of her babies, all 500 of them, as they emerge from their egg sack.

Program 2211 — Air Dates December 29, 2013–January 4, 2014, and June 29–July 5, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineAbove Texas: Rivers & Lakes

The first in a four part series that highlights The Lone Star State in a way we don’t normally get to see … from high above and down below. First up, we fly over our rivers and lakes, hearing from some of Texas’ greatest thinkers about how our stewardship of these resources are so vital to the economic and cultural future of our state.

Watch OnlineLone Star Land Steward: JA Ranch

Andrew Bivins is a fifth generation landowner of the massive, historic JA Ranch. He is among a new breed of ranch manager revolutionizing the use of GPS technology in the day-to-day operation of the JA Ranch’s land and cattle business.

Watch OnlineWild Things: Animal Coloration

From brightly colored feathers that make a bird stand out, to mottled camouflage to help an animal hide, different colors serve different purposes throughout the animal kingdom.

Watch OnlineClimate of Changes

How will climate change affect the Texas Gulf Coast? Hear predictions on how the coast will be impacted over the next century. In part five of a six part series on the state of the gulf, scientists and biologists discuss how the documented rise in sea level is ongoing and what it will mean in the future for coastal communities in Texas. We will also look at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s long documentation of warming water temperature and how some species like flounder have declined, while other species like the gray snapper have increased. We will also look at the spread of black mangroves and the newly detected red mangrove, as another indication of a warming climate.

Watch OnlineOutdoor Info: Public Hunts

Each year the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department offers a variety of public hunts throughout the state. Here’s how to take advantage of these affordable opportunities.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Nesting Golden-cheeked Warblers. Check out an endangered bird that nests only in the hill country of Central Texas.

Program 2212 — Air Dates January 5–11, 2014, and July 6–12, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineTent Revival

Many families in cities have lost touch with the great outdoors and all it has to offer, but the Texas Outdoor Family program is here to help, getting folks with little camping experience outside for some weekend fun.

Watch OnlineLone Star Land Steward: South Llano River Watershed Alliance

The South Llano Watershed Alliance is a group of landowners and stakeholders who have come together to preserve and enhance one of the state’s most pristine rivers, the South Llano. Texas Parks and Wildlife has honored the alliance for their collaboration to support a major water source to the Colorado River which also supports the water supply of Austin.

Watch OnlineAction for the Oceans

How will climate change affect the Texas Gulf Coast? Hear predictions on how the coast will be impacted over the next century. In part five of a six part series on the state of the gulf, scientists and biologists discuss how the documented rise in sea level is ongoing and what it will mean in the future for coastal communities in Texas. We will also look at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s long documentation of warming water temperature and how some species like flounder have declined, while other species like the gray snapper have increased. We will also look at the spread of black mangroves and the newly detected red mangrove, as another indication of a warming climate.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Thousands of purple martins converge on a few trees in an Austin parking lot each summer, creating a bird tornado of sorts that captivates onlookers.

Program 2213 — Air Dates January 12–18, 2014, and July 13–19, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineThe Rio Grande, Down But Not Out

Join a group of students from Corpus Christi as they head up to Big Bend to float the Rio Grande. This is much more than a fun field trip; it’s a chance to learn. The students discover the many challenges faced by the Rio Grande. From human demand for its water, to non-native water sucking trees, to a decline in fish species, the many pressures on the river continue. But as the students find out, work is being done to help the restore the once mighty Rio Grande.

Watch OnlineParks & Wildlife People: Cecilia Nasti

She is often heard but seldom seen. Cecilia Nasti is the host and producer of the Passport to Texas radio show belting out 20 shows a month on every topic under the Texas Parks and Wildlife sun. Recently she has taken on one of her favorite subjects, organic food, and promoted wild game cooking segments to PBS and YouTube.

Watch OnlineThe Boat Builder

Houston architect Skip Johnson’s hobby is both a craft and an art. Skip builds wooden kayaks that would be right at home in an art gallery, but are built for the water. Follow along as Skip designs, builds, and finally paddles his latest creation, the ‘Bionic Log’.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Look up, in the sky, it’s many moons, passing by.

Program 2214 — Air Dates January 19–25, 2014, and July 20–26, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineAbove Texas: The Coast

The second in a four part series that highlights The Lone Star State in a way we don’t normally get to see … from high above and down below. In this segment, we fly over the Gulf of Mexico and our coastlines, where you’ll get a different view of the wildlife, the habitat, and man’s impacts.

Watch OnlineParks & Wildlife People: Kerr Swine Research Team

Feral swine wreak havoc on native habitat, but a team at the Kerr Wildlife Management Area is testing innovative ways to keep this multiplying menace in check.

Watch OnlineCaddo Lake Paddling Trails

Straddling the Texas-Louisiana border, swampy Caddo Lake in Northeast Texas has an enduring air of mystery. And the paddling trails is the ideal way to explore this fascinating lake.

Watch OnlineStudent Parking

From West Texas to the Gulf Coast, teachers and students are discovering that state parks offer unique ways to bring learning alive. Put on some old clothes and tag along for a hands-on look at science class Parks and Wildlife-style.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Spectacular views from the mountains of West Texas with the clouds below.

Program 2215 — Air Dates January 26–February 1, 2014, and July 27–August 2, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineEye in the Sky

Technology just keeps getting better, and as a result so does our knowledge of wildlife. With the use of satellite transmitters placed on wildlife we are learning more and new things about the lives and habits of Texas’ wildlife. See how biologists gather information about the lives of desert bighorn sheep as they move the through the mountains of west Texas and Mexico, and the endangered Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle as they travel the Gulf of Mexico.

Watch OnlineParks & Wildlife People: Craig Hensley

He’s been described as something out of a storybook. See Guadalupe River State Park Ranger Craig Hensley in action as he finds creative ways to connect folks with nature.

Watch OnlineGovernment Canyon Bike Trails

When it comes to mountain biking in Texas one of the best spots is Government Canyon State Natural area. Grab your bike and helmet as we hit the park for some single track fun!

Watch OnlineLBJ’s Hill Country Legacy

When Lyndon Baines Johnson helped create the Sauer Beckmann Living History Farm, he wanted to give visitors an appreciation for the hard work and ingenuity of the pioneers and farmers from long ago. Costumed interpreters and volunteers show life as it really was, complete with all the sights, sounds, and (for better or worse) smells of a turn-of-the-century Hill Country farmstead.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Reflections in the water at Blanco State Park.

Program 2216 — Air Dates February 2– 8, 2014, and August 3– 9, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlinePurple Martins

Meet some landlords looking out for their tenants at a small high-rise condo complex that’s completely for the birds. Purple martins seem to need people, and the birds provide some rewards back to those who watch out for them.

Watch OnlineParks & Wildlife People: Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson is the driving force behind the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s very successful Shooting Sports Program. Not only is he really good at organizing and teaching, he’s also been able to bring public and private partners into the fold.

Watch OnlineState Park Ambassadors

Young adults aren’t visiting Texas state parks in large numbers and a new initiative aims to change that. The Youth Ambassador Program signs on members of the millennial generation to share their love of nature in ways their peers can relate to, which is often quite different from their parents.

Watch OnlineBattle at the Fork

Lake Fork is undisputedly the top largemouth bass lake in Texas. For the first time ever a professional bass fishing tournament was held on the lake in April 2007. Follow along with the tournament favorite and a young newcomer just trying to make the cut. If you think being a bass pro is the “dream job”, then you need to see what it’s like to literally fish for your supper.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Get up close to some of the interesting rock formations at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Program 2217 — Air Dates February 9–15, 2014, and August 10–16, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineAbove Texas: Growing Pains

The third in a four part series that highlights The Lone Star State in a way we don’t normally get to see … from high above and down below. First up, we fly over our cities and industrial centers, hearing from some of Texas’ greatest thinkers about striking a crucial balance about the stewardship between our states’ economy and our natural resources.

Watch OnlineWinter Wonderland for Waterfowl

Check out a bottomland hardwood swamp and the ducks that call it home.

Watch OnlineBig Horn Sheep Relocation

As part of the effort to restore desert bighorn sheep to their ancestral home, a herd of bighorns are captured at Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area and released at Big Bend Ranch State Park. This is the first release of bighorns at a Texas state park.

Watch OnlineLake Somerville State Park

Camping, hiking, horseback riding are just a few of the things you can enjoy at Lake Somerville. You can also just take it easy if you want to.

Watch OnlineA Journey South

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas doesn’t have any roller coasters or food courts, but it does have whooping cranes. Visit the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and see lots and lots of wildlife.

Watch OnlinePostcard from Texas

Wind turbines are increasing across Texas. Get a different view of these energy producing giants.

Program 2218 — Air Dates February 16–22, 2014, and August 17–23, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineSpreading His Wings

Wildlife biologist Ken Rice has spent his entire life in the Corpus Christi area. Now, he’s sharing his passion for anything coastal with kids and their families. One of those children is Joe, a seventh grader who tracks the movement of birds from his inner-city housing project.

Watch OnlineFishing Hall of Fame: Ed Parten

Edward Parten of Kingwood has devoted a large part of his life to helping preserve and improve habitat for fisheries in Texas. He’s the lone inductee into the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Hall of Fame.

Watch OnlinePolicing Pollution

Texas Game Wardens do much more than just enforce the game laws. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens who keep our water clean and air clear by pursuing those who violate environmental laws.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Watch as the sun sets on the mountains out from Balmorhea.

Program 2219 — Air Dates February 23–March 1, 2014, and August 24–30, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineTexas Tussle, A Gator Hunt

It’s a hot muggy afternoon in an east Texas marsh, and it’s time to hunt for alligators. We tag along with some lucky hunters that get a chance of a lifetime to hunt alligators at J.D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area.

Watch OnlineWild Game Cooking: Alligator Chili Relleno

Austin chef Jeff Martinez cooks up some Texas alligator with a south of the border twist. Discover his Gator Chili Relleno recipe.

Watch OnlineOutdoor Info: Leave No Trace

The mantra of the true outdoors lover is “Leave no trace”. Here’s some ideas for leaving the environment better than you found it.

Watch OnlineBalancing Act

Todd Imboden is a true homegrown product of Texas Parks & Wildlife, starting with the department when he was just out of his teens. From his humble beginnings as a janitor some 30 years ago, he now heads up Palmetto State Park, a jewel in the Texas State Park System. We’ll spend a few days with this super superintendent as he juggles his time between work and family.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Relax with fall colors in a few east Texas state parks.

Program 2220 — Air Dates March 2– 8, 2014, and August 31–September 6, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineChasing a Ghost

In 2005 news of the extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker being found in the woods of Arkansas electrified the birding community. Now a team is searching for the elusive Ivory Billed here in Texas. We followed the Texas team for six months as they explore the bird’s historic range, The Big Thicket National Preserve in East Texas. From using state of the art technology to good ole foot power, see what it takes to try and find a bird that hasn’t been seen in 60 years.

Watch Online50 Years Later, Same Photo

A 50-year old family photo taken at Inks Lake State Park leads to an interesting reunion and a renewed interest in getting outside.

Watch OnlineA Place to Hunt

Finding a place to hunt is getting more difficult by the season for many Texas hunters. A family from Houston who hunt doves has found the perfect solution: the Annual Public Hunting Permit. This permit allows hunters access to over 1 million acres of land all across the state.

Watch OnlineLift, Drift, Pole, Troll

Get some quick tips on how to successfully navigate the shallow flats of the coast without harming the sensitive seagrasses.

Watch OnlinePostcard from Texas

Chase Fountain is a photographer for Texas Parks and Wildlife. We’ll showcase some of his favorite shots, along with some of his thoughts and behind-the-scenes comments.

Program 2221 — Air Dates March 9–15, 2014, and September 7–13, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineWhat Wardens Do

The title “Texas Game Warden” evokes an iconic image of selfless peace officers protecting our natural resources. But few of us are aware of their wide range of responsibilities. We’ll follow some of these men and women, from the rutted dirt tracks of the High Plains Canyon Country, to the storm-crossed waters of the Gulf Coast.

Watch OnlineOutdoor Info: Turkey Calls

Steve Hall shows you how to make some basic turkey calls, and when to use each one.

Watch OnlineMother Neff State Park

It was the first state park in Texas, and it remains as peaceful a spot today as when it was first set aside. Reunite with the family, take a hike, ride a bike, or pitch a tent and stay awhile.

Watch OnlineStripers in Production

Follow the life cycle of striped bass. From fertilization to hatching, to stocking and finally catching, this popular game fish is getting a helping hand from Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Fiddler crabs are pretty busy looking for food on the Texas coast.

Program 2222 — Air Dates March 16–22, 2014, and September 14–20, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineRestoring a Texas Treasure

The Guadalupe Bass lives in the cool running waters of the Texas Hill Country. But over the last few decades, competition from the popular small-mouth bass population has reduced the Guadalupe Bass to near extinction. Discover what fisheries biologists at the Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center are doing to bring back the official state fish of Texas.

Watch OnlineLake Casa Blanca International State Park

For folks in and around Laredo a great place to cool off is Lake Casa Blanca International State Park. From the fishing to the camping Lake Casa Blanca is perfect place for a good ole’ South Texas siesta.

Watch OnlineWild Things: Texas Symbols

Everybody knows the bluebonnet is the state flower, but what is the state sea shell? The state reptile? The state flying mammal?

Watch OnlineA Scar on the Flats

As more anglers discover the shallow waters of the Texas Gulf Coast, there is growing concern about what this increased traffic is doing to the fragile sea grasses. Learn how to get to where the fish are without damaging this vital habitat.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

The South Llano River is home to the native Guadalupe Bass and it’s a major attraction to the hill country town of Junction. Now this nearly constant water level river is one of the latest additions to the Texas Paddling Trails network.

Program 2223 — Air Dates March 23–29, 2014, and September 21–27, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineThe Last Dance?

Historically there used to be one million Attwater’s prairie-chickens throughout the coastal prairies of Texas and Louisiana, now less than one percent remain. We follow along as biologists deal with one of the toughest breeding seasons on record, as they struggle to save one of the most endangered birds in all of Texas.

Watch OnlineKickapoo Cavern State Park

Bats, birds and caverns are what you’ll find at this secluded state park. Located north of Del Rio, you can experience the flight of the Mexican free-tailed bat, have a guided cavern tour to see the largest column formation in Texas, and possibly see the endangered golden-cheeked warbler while exploring the park.

Watch OnlineParks & Wildlife People: Radio Team

What do you do when the Federal Communication Commission mandates that all U.S. 2-way radio systems be converted to narrowband frequencies, in a short time and with limited dollars? If you’re part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s fleet and radio team, you get to work, and get it done. On time, and under budget.

Watch OnlineMystery of the Tarpon

Heralded for their awe-inspiring jumps and tenacious power, tarpon are the stuff from which fish tales are spun. But over the last couple decades, their populations have taken a serious dive. Today, a group of scientists are trying to learn about the biology of this.

Watch OnlinePostcard from Texas

Lots of folks enjoy at day at the beach.

Program 2224 — Air Dates March 30–April 5, 2014, and September 28–October 4, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineAbove Texas: Under the Water

Our four part series concludes with footage of the Lone Star State in a way we don’t normally get to see … from deep below the Gulf of Mexico, exploring our natural and artificial reefs.

Watch OnlineParks & Wildlife People: Alejandro Farias

Some people find lots of numbers on spreadsheets rather boring and tedious. Not Alejandro Farias. Lots and lots of data is what make him happy. He also enjoys finding new technology and techniques to reduce the time it takes to compile complicated reports, sometimes using Ninja philosophy.

Watch OnlineThe Last Stand

The pristine coastal prairie landscape is disappearing at a rapid rate in Texas. Once covering millions of acres, less than a tenth of a percent of the original prairie remains. But there is a movement underway to turn things around. Meet some of these prairie patriots who are working to restore coastal prairies back to Texas.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

White-tailed deer eat breakfast on a winter morning.

Program 2225 — Air Dates April 6–12, 2014, and October 5–11, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineNatural Wasteland

Birding hotspots are not always where you might expect them to be. See the sights, hear the sounds, and smell the smells of a “marginal nature” haven.

Watch OnlineParks & Wildlife People: Greg Creacy

In 2011, the most destructive wildfire in Texas history roared through Bastrop State Park. Meet one of the biologists that helped fight the fire, and now works to reforest the park.

Watch OnlineTexas Eagles on the Move

The Bald Eagle is now off the endangered species list, and more Eagles are calling Texas home. We visit a couple of Eagle nests, and learn that these birds now have a new challenge on the horizon.

Watch OnlineOutdoor Info: Tree Stand Safety

Hunters who use tree stands need to be very careful. Each year, the improper use of these devices lead to a significant number of accidents and tragedies. We offer advice on how to climb a tree safely.

Watch OnlinePostcard From Texas

Water images in black & white.

Program 2226 — Air Dates April 13–19, 2014, and October 12–18, 2014

Featured Segments

Watch OnlineA Man in Paradise

The Rio Grande Valley is a haven for birds and birders alike. For Father Tom Pincelli, this area is an earthly paradise. Follow along as Father Tom finds beauty and inspiration in some unusual birding spots.

Watch OnlineStone Skipping

Return to a simpler time as kids of all ages compete to see who’s the best stone-skipper around. It’s the World Stone Skipping Championship in Wimberley, Texas.

Watch OnlineA Long Way to Seadrift

The Texas Water Safari is touted as the toughest non-stop boat race in the world, starting in San Marcos and ending in Seadrift 260 miles later. Over the past thirty years, an entire subculture has developed among the participants and their families. We’ll ride along with some of the contestants in the most extreme of canoe races.

Postcard From Texas

Producer Ron Kabele retires after 27 years of state service. Every segment in this show was produced by Ron. We take a look at some of Ron’s other video contributions.

Updated 2014-10-30

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