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Texas Parks & Wildlife is a weekly, half-hour program airing on all the PBS stations throughout the Lone Star state, as well as a number of other public television stations around the country. You can also catch the show on about 60 city government and educational access channels across the state. You can even watch the show on your schedule with PBS Online and on our YouTube channel.

Originally titled Made in Texas, the program began production in 1985 as a magazine style show, with three or four different segments each week. For a few years the show focused on one topic each week, documentary style. In 1991 the name of the show changed to Texas Parks & Wildlife and reverted to the magazine format. October 2015 marks our 30th year on the air.

This season we’re going to take a look back at the past 30 years. While the clothing and hairstyles have changed, our commitment to the highest quality programming hasn’t. The show’s producers, photographers, and writers have been honored with nearly 30 regional EMMY awards, 60 awards from the Association for Conservation Information, and a whole bunch of other awards.

Each week, our program travels to several different destinations around Texas. The stories cover a wide range of topics, from in-depth issues about conservation and the environment, to fun family activities in the outdoors. This season we’ll meet a hunter who has overcome extra challenges to get outdoors. You’ll spend some time with a trail builder in El Paso, cavers in central Texas, birders in the brushlands, and prairie dogs in the Panhandle. We’ll catch up on the condition of quail in Texas, and follow two teams of paddlers as they attempt the grueling 260-mile Texas Water Safari. Our Outdoor Info and Skill Builder segments offer all kinds of handy tips, from hunting and fishing basics to finding places to paddle a kayak or canoe. Wild Things is back with interesting and obscure facts about some of our native Texas wildlife.

This season you’ll meet some of the Texas Parks & Wildlife people working behind the scenes to make important contributions to conservation in the state. We’ll also introduce you to the 2015 Lone Star Land Steward award winners; private landowners who know the importance of good conservation. We’ll showcase our fabulous state parks and historic sites. Each week we’ll present our award winning stories about the people and places that make the outdoors of Texas the natural place to be. And since it’s our 30th year on the air, we’ll introduce you to some of the people that have worked on the show over the years, and find out what some of their favorite stories are.

Our hope is to inspire you to get outdoors and visit the natural places in our state. We want to provide a compelling reason for you to care about the outdoors and the state’s cultural heritage. Maybe you’ll even get involved and help preserve a piece of that heritage. It’s our hope that you’ll develop a new appreciation for the natural world, a world that’s right here in your backyard. Please join us as we explore the natural State of Texas.

You can also watch the shows in their entirety on the Texas Parks and Wildlife You Tube channel.

Broadcast rights to Texas Parks & Wildlife are free to all PBS affiliates throughout the United States. Our program is fed in HD every Wednesday at 3:30 pm, Central Standard Time. Satellite coordinates: 1630 ET/HD04, AMC 21 Ku23H, L-Band Freq = 1395.5MHz, SR = 6.250 MSps/ FEC: 3/4

30th Anniversary of TPW Television

30th Anniversary of TPW Television

We’re celebrating with special episodes.

Read About our Anniversary

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program

The Texas Parks & Wildlife series on PBS is made possible in part by a grant from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Additional funding is provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

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