2015 - 2016

Freshwater Fishing

  1. Statewide Bag & Length Limits
    Bag limits, possession limits & harvest regulations
  2. Exceptions to Statewide Limits
    Listing of lakes, creeks & rivers with gear restrictions or harvest limits
  3. Reservoir Boundaries
    Description of impounded waters
  4. Freshwater/Saltwater Boundary
    Description of waters considered fresh or salt
  1. Alligator Gar Restrictions
    Restrictions to Protect Spawning Alligator Gar
  2. Bass Comparison and Identification
    Largemouth, smallmouth, Guadalupe, spotted, yellow, white, striped & hybrid
  3. Catfish Comparison and Identification
    Channel & blue catfish
  4. Licenses
    Requirements, licenses, packages & fees

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