Recent flooding has impacted state parks across Texas. Status of Parks - Videos, Photos, News

Cleburne State Park

June 11, 2015 - The Coyote Run Trail is closed due to storm damage. . . . 


Admire the juniper (cedar), oak, elm, mesquite, redbud, cottonwood, sycamore, ash and sumac trees that cover white rocky hills. In early spring, there is a carpet of bluebonnets in the open fields and many other varieties of wildflowers throughout the park.

Wildlife observation and photography:  Wildlife present in the park includes white-tailed deer, turkey, duck, armadillo, squirrel, skunk, bobcat, cottontail rabbit, raccoon, opossum, coyote, and many species of birds. Popular fish include crappie, bass, catfish, bluegill and redear sunfish.

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