July 8, 2016 - The park is open, but many areas are closed, . . .


December 2016

Dec 10 End Date

Pinecone Bird Feeders

Village Creek State Park
Let's not forget our feathered friends this holiday season! Have fun making a "gift" for the birds to take home with you while you learn about what birds eat. Meet on the Nature Center front porch.
Dec 11 End Date

Backyard Bass

Village Creek State Park
How good are your casting skills? Are you an expert or a novice? What is casting? Come learn how to cast and improve your technique. No hooks (or fish) involved and you will stay dry.
Dec 16 End Date

Gotta Have Pizza!

Village Creek State Park
Learn how to make one of your family favorites over the campfire. Can it be done? You bet - and it's delicious! Come see how it's done and taste the result for yourself. Also learn how to make dessert. Yummy!
Dec 17 End Date

Nature Journaling 101

Village Creek State Park
Scientists, naturalists, and ordinary people like you and me have found the joy of keeping a Nature Journal. Journals give you a place to write down your experiences, feelings, and new discoveries and help you connect with nature. Learn the basics of Nature Journaling in this hands-on program for all ages.
Dec 31 End Date

The Stars and the Moon and Me...

Village Creek State Park
Why does the moon disappear? Where does it go? What are sun spots? Who needs a moon anyway? Come find out about the moon and our closest star at this interactive program for all ages. Make your own planisphere to help you discover the constellations and other night sky objects. Meet at the Nature Center.

January 2017

Jan 1 End Date

First Day Hike

Village Creek State Park
Come celebrate the start of a healthier New Year for you and your family. We're starting out on the right foot with this easy 1.5 mile hike down one of our beautiful trails. Make walking in the park a habit to help you reach your goals. THIS is how you start!

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