Coastal Fisheries Division

The Coastal Fisheries Division manages the marine fishery resources of Texas' four million acres of saltwater, including the bays and estuaries and out to nine nautical miles in the Gulf of Mexico. Coastal Fisheries management strategies are directed toward optimizing the long-term utilization and sustaining fisheries populations at levels that are necessary to ensure replenishable stocks of commercially and recreationally important species. The Division also focuses on habitat conservation and restoration and leads the agency research, management and inter-agency coordination on all water-related issues, including assuring adequate in-stream flows for Texas' rivers and sufficient freshwater inflows for bays and estuaries. These priority goals and strategies will assure our marine waters' health and productivity and protect fish, wildlife and plant resources from degradation or depletion.

The Coastal Fisheries staff work closely with other department divisions as well as other state, federal and international fishery management agencies to provide optimum opportunities from and conservation for the rich biological diversity inherent in Texas' marine waters.

Headquarters Location

4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX 78744


Robin Riechers
Director of Coastal Fisheries
(512) 389-4636

Headquarters Staff

  • Dakus Geeslin
    Deputy Director/Management Resources Manager
    (512) 389-8734
  • Tiffany Hopper
    Science and Policy Resources Manager
    (512) 389-4650

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