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Executive Office

The executive director serves as the agency's chief executive officer and is accountable to the commission for the overall operation of the department and acts as liaison between the commission and the staff in accordance with established policies. He coordinates the development of agency strategy and policy, supervises senior agency management and serves as the senior decision authority. The executive director acts as official representative of the department with the public and has responsibility to ensure compliance with all commission policies and state and federal laws and regulations concerning the department. Is responsible for preparing the budget requirements for the commission to submit to the legislature and for budgetary administration of all appropriations to the department including federal funds.

The executive director has management and oversight of a very diverse agency consisting of eleven divisions with a wide variety of programs, facilities and services. Executive staff coordinates all activities related to the commission, legislature, and foundation. This office includes both internal audit and internal investigation functions. Executive office staff receives and coordinates all incoming correspondence and most public contact.

Headquarters Location

4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX 78744


Carter Smith
Executive Director
(512) 389-4802
(512) 389-4814 Fax

Executive Office

The executive office acts as the liaison between the Commission and Departmental staff in accordance with established policies and is responsible for the overall operation of the Department.

  • Ann Bright
    Chief Operating Officer
    (512) 389-8558
    • Harold Stone
      Intergovernmental Affairs
      (512) 463-0840
    • Jonathan Gray
      Internal Affairs Director
      (512) 389-4521
    • Cindy Hancock
      Internal Audit
      (512) 389-4422
    • Dee Halliburton
      Executive Assistant
      (512) 389-4802
    • Angie Gonzales-Sanchez
      Executive Staff
      (512) 389-4804
    • Laurie Brown
      Executive Staff
      (512) 389-4898
  • Vacant
    Chief Administrative Officer
    (512) 389-4727
    • David Buggs
      Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
      (512) 389-8595
    • Tammy Dunham
      Purchasing & Contracting Director
      (512) 389-4752
    • Peggy Kunze
      Records Management
      (512) 804-2545
  • Ross Melinchuk
    Director of Conservation Programs
    (512) 389-4868
    • Ted Hollingsworth
      Land Conservation
      (512) 389-4520