Inland Fisheries

The Inland Fisheries Division is responsible for managing the state's diverse freshwater fisheries resources. The goal of this management is to provide the best possible angling while protecting and enhancing freshwater aquatic resources. The resources include approximately 1,100 public impoundments covering 1.7 million acres and 191,000 miles of rivers and streams. These resources are used by about 1.21 million anglers 16 years of age and older whose fishing activities provide great benefit to the Texas economy through an estimated $960 million per year in direct angler spending on food, lodging, transportation and equipment.

The division's activities include fisheries management and research, ecosystem and habitat assessment, instream flow and river studies, fish production, fish kill assessments, natural resources damage recovery, wetlands conservation, permitting, angler education and information, and fishing access. Division staff are located in Austin, San Marcos, two regional offices, 15 district offices, one research center, and five fish hatcheries. This includes the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, which combines a state-of-the-art fish hatchery with an educational visitors' center.

Inland Fisheries Fact Sheet

Headquarters Location

4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX 78744
(512) 389-4444


Craig Bonds
Director of Inland Fisheries
(512) 389-4643

Headquarters Staff

  • Timothy Birdsong
    Deputy Division Director, Fisheries Management & Conservation
    (512) 389-4744
  • Todd Engeling
    Chief, Freshwater Fish Hatcheries
    (512) 389-4744
  • Kevin Mayes
    Chief, Fisheries Science and Policy

    (512) 389-4591

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