Mobile Apps for the Texas Outdoors

Hunting & Fishing

Outdoor Annual app

Outdoor Annual

Texas Hunting & Fishing Regulations

Afield or afloat, easily access regulations on your iPhone, iPad or Android, even without internet service. Find hunting season dates and bag limits for your county. See statewide fishing bag and length limits. Find license retailers near you. Learn More »

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My Texas Hunt Harvest app

My Texas Hunt Harvest

Report your harvested game in real time.

Keep track of your hunting season successes easily from your smartphone or tablet. Your information will help us manage healthy game populations, keeping hunting great in Texas. Learn More »

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Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center app

Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center

Your mobile guide to TFFC.

View pictures and watch videos of the aquaria, freshwater fishing museum, record fish displays, alligator exhibit, dive show and wetlands trail. Learn More »

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iSnapper app


Log red snapper catches and trips, save favorite fishing photos, get local weather reports, track trip statistics and share updates on social media. Your data helps to support healthy red snapper populations along Texas shores. Learn More »

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State Parks

State Parks app

Texas State Parks Official Guide

The Texas State Parks App

Find your perfect state park escape. Search by activities, overnight accommodations or amenities such as RV hookups or kayak rentals. Download facility maps and trail maps for your visit. Use the map to get driving directions or to find a park near you. Available for Apple and Android devices. Learn More »

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Dinosaur Valley State Park app

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Explore the park in a whole new way; watch videos, view pictures and connect to additional sites. Learn about the massive creatures that left trackways in the riverbed millions of years ago.

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Agents of Nature app

Agents of Nature

Join the Agents of Discovery, the not-so-secret, secret agency dedicated to learning & playing outside to solve challenges. The game is free and available for mobile devices and tablets. Learn More »

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Texas Nature Trackers app

Texas Nature Trackers

Report sightings of rare wildlife and plant life.

Whether you're hiking, camping, birding, or are simply curious about what you found, use this app to keep track of your sightings, and get expert help from other naturalists. Learn More »

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Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine app

Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

The TPW magazine app on your iPad or iPhone.

All the content of the print magazine, redesigned for easy reading on tablet with interactivity, photo galleries, videos and bonus material. Learn More »

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