Texas Parks and Wildlife Ask an Expert: Fall Hunting 2010 with TPWD Biologists & Game Wardens
Live Chat Thursday
November 4, 2010 Noon to 1:00pm

Thank You for Participating in the Very First
Texas Parks and Wildlife Ask an Expert Forum

Since it is Fall, we are going to focus on your Hunting and Wildlife questions. Standing by are representatives from the Law Enforcement Division, better known as Texas Game Wardens, as well as expert biologists from the Wildlife Division. All we need now are your questions about regulations; what the hunting forecast looks like, where to hunt, when to hunt or anything else you want to know about Fall hunting.

This is a moderated chat. Any questions you pose will not show up on screen until it has been read and posted by the moderator. Duplicate questions might be combined and questions may be shortened for clarity. Please accept our sincere apology if we just can't get to every question.

Alan Cain
White-tailed Deer Program Leader
Boyd Kennedy
Staff Attorney
Chris Lena
Wildlife Customer Service Representative
Mitch Lockwood
Big Game Program Leader
Robert Perez
Quail Program Leader
David Sinclair
Chief of Staff of Law Enforcement
Scott Vaca
Assistant Chief of Wildlife Enforcement