Report on Interagency Contracts

Per Article IX, Section 17.12 of the 2022-23 General Appropriations Act, state agencies are required to make available annual reports on their Internet website each fiscal year providing information on each interagency contract with a value that exceeds or may reasonably be expected to exceed $10 million. Below is TPWD information in compliance with this requirement.

Contract: DIR Data Center Services

Total Contract Value (life of contract): $30,838,680

Agencies: TPWD-Disbursing; DIR-Receiving

AY2022 Appropriation Line Items, MOF & Amount Spent *:

Strategy Afund Sum of Expenditure
E.1.2. 0009 2,332,497.29
0064 2,241,026.79
Grand Total 4,573,524.08

Source: SAS CAPPS BD Expense Detail as of 9-30-2022

*Data reflects AY22 contract expenses through 9-30-2022

Agency Programs: Contract is managed by the Information Technology Division for the benefit of all TPWD programs.