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Notice of Intent to Conduct Legislative Rule Review

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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department files this notice of intention to review the following chapters of 31 TAC, Part 2:

            Chapter 51. Executive.

                        Subchapter A. Procedures for the Adoption of Rules.

                        Subchapter B. Authority to Contract.

                        Subchapter C. Employee Fundraising and Sponsorships.

                        Subchapter D. Education.

                        Subchapter E. Sick Leave Pool.

                        Subchapter F. Vehicles.

                        Subchapter G. Nonprofit Organizations.

                        Subchapter H. General Plan for Prescribed Burning on TPWD Lands.

                        Subchapter I. Historically Underutilized Businesses.

                        Subchapter J. Contract Dispute Resolution.

                        Subchapter K. Disclosure of Customer Information.

                        Subchapter L. Vendor Dispute Resolution.

                        Subchapter M. Investment of Lifetime License Endowment.

                        Subchapter N. Employee Training.

                        Subchapter O. Advisory Committees.

                        Subchapter P. Official Corporate Partners.

                        Subchapter Q. Promotional Drawings.

            Chapter 52. Stocking Policy.

            Chapter 55. Law Enforcement.

                        Subchapter A. Proof of Residency Requirements.

                        Subchapter B. Seizure, Care and Disposition of Contraband.

                        Subchapter C. Deputy and Special Game Warden Commission.

                        Subchapter D. Operation Game Thief Fund.

                        Subchapter E. Show, Test, and Demonstration of Vessels.

                        Subchapter F. Floating Cabins.

                        Subchapter G. Boat Speed Limit and Buoy Standards.

                        Subchapter H. Party Boats.

                        Subchapter I. Disposition of Dangerous Wild Animals.

                        Subchapter J. Controlled Exotic Snakes.

                        Subchapter K. Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

                        Subchapter L. Marine Safety Enforcement — Training and Certification Standards.

                        Subchapter M. Mandatory Boating Incident Report.

            Chapter 60. Maintenance Reviews.

                        Subchapter A. Maintenance Equipment Review.

                        Subchapter B. Maintenance Provider Review.

            Chapter 61. Design and Construction.

                        Subchapter A. Contracts for Public Works.

                        Subchapter C. Boat Ramp Construction and Rehabilitation.

                        Subchapter E. Local Parks, Recreation Grant Program.

            This review is pursuant to Government Code, §2001.039.  The department will accept comments for 30 days following the publication of this notice in the Texas Register as to whether the reasons for adopting the sections under review continue to exist. Final consideration of this rules review by the Parks and Wildlife Commission is scheduled for the commission meeting to be held in Austin, Texas on November 5, 2020.

Any questions or written comments pertaining to this notice of intent to review should be directed to Todd George, Assistant General Counsel, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 4200 Smith School Road, Austin, Texas 78744. Any proposed changes to rules as a result of the review will be published in the Proposed Rules section of the Texas Register and will be open for an additional 30-day public comment period prior to final adoption or repeal by the commission.

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