Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the applicant?
The applicant is the organization applying for the grant. The applicant must provide their Federal Tax ID number in the application. There can only be one applicant per tax ID number.

What is a resolution and who should sign it?
A resolution is a document signed by the governing board or senior official. An applicant can’t authorize themselves to submit the application. The resolution must authorize application submission, any applicant contribution, and must designate a project official. Resolutions must be signed, dated, and be less than one year old. If a proper resolution is not submitted, your project will be ruled ineligible and not reviewed.

Do you require matching funds?
Matching funds are not required.

What should be included in a partnership/commitment letter?
Partnership letters must be current, dated, signed and include what they are providing to the program as well as the value of the contribution if applicable (i.e. cash donation, volunteer labor, participant base, transportation, food or equipment donation). Letters must be included in the grant application for consideration. Applicants cannot partner with themselves. Letters of support are not partnership letters.

Do you fund projects involving construction?
Funds cannot be used for facility construction projects, gazebos, ponds, benches, trail building, etc. The CO-OP grant is to be used to fund programs, not construction projects.

Can funds be used for training programs?
The CO-OP funds were designated to be used for hands-on programs/activities. Training programs will be reviewed if part of the training involves actual hands-on participation programs. Training and research programs only will not be funded.

Can funds be used to pay indirect/overhead expenses?
No. Indirect expenses will not be reimbursed.

Does the application need to be completed by the designated deadline?
The application must be completed by the designated deadline. Only online-applications are eligible. Deadlines for submission will be at 5:00pm on the designated date. There are absolutely no exceptions.

When will we be notified if we received the grant?
Awards will be announced on April 6, 2020.  You will be notified via email.

Can funds be used for staff salaries?
Yes, grant fund can be used towards personnel who directly support the approved project.  This includes both employees and contracted staff.

What happens if my application is not funded?
Applications not approved for funding will receive an email. Any organization wishing to request a critique of their application is welcome to do so via our online system. All critique requests must be submitted at least one month prior to the next application deadline.

Are pre-application reviews offered prior to the application deadline?
No. However, we do offer grant writing workshops, technical assistance via phone or email. You can find out about our workshops by signing up to receive our Recreation Grants newsletter via email.

How are grant awards determined?
Funding for the CO-OP program is very competitive and scoring criteria is used to evaluate the applications and determine grant awards each year. Learn more about the scoring criteria HERE.

Can CO-OP funds be used for vegetable gardens and agriculture projects?
No, they are not eligible.

Do you offer assistance for grant applications?
Yes.  CO-OP staff provide grant writing workshops each fall to assist applicants in applying for the grant program.  To learn about upcoming workshop dates and locations, please contact CO-OP staff or sign up for our Recreation Grants newsletter

What are eligible activities?

Eligible activities include:

  • Archery
  • Backpacking/Hiking
  • Birding/Wildlife Viewing
  • Camping
  • Canoeing / Kayaking / SUP / Boating
  • Caving
  • Cultural Resource Exploration
  • Environmental/Outdoor Education
  • Equestrian
  • Fishing / Angling
  • Hunting
  • Mountain Biking 
  • Nature Photography 
  • Orienteering / Geocaching 
  • Outdoor Cooking (Participants Involved)
  • Rock Climbing / Rappelling
  • Shooting Sports

What are eligible expenses?

Eligible expenses include:

  • Personnel, including employees, fringe and contract staff
  • In-state trainings for personnel or participants (Out-of-state trainings for personnel are approved on a case-by case basis)
  • Program liability insurance for participants, staff and volunteers
  • Food, non-alcoholic beverages and eating supplies
  • Transportation
  • Fees including entrance, program and housing fees
  • Supplies and equipment directly related to grant activities, including trailers and related items
  • Service project expenses, if applicable

Please see application for detailed information regarding allowable and non-allowable expenses.