Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Applicants who are non-political, tax-exempt organizations that are in good standing with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and System of Award Management (SAM) are eligible to apply.  Only one active grant award is allowed per organization.

What are the identified target demographics for this grant?
Target demographics include female, ethnic minority, low income, and individuals with a disability.  Projects can serve other audiences, however, proposals who serve the target audience will be more competitive in the scoring evaluation process.

What are CO-OP grant priorities?
CO-OP grant priorities engage the target under-represented audiences in the following:

Outdoor Recreation:

  • Accommodate high-quality participation in mission-oriented outdoor recreation activities.
  • Facilitate access to TPWD owned and operated facilities including State Parks, Wildlife Management Areas, State Natural Areas, State Historical Sites, and Fish Hatcheries & Centers.

Environmental Education:

  • Provide hands-on environmental & Cultural resource education for Texas Natural resources & ecosystems.
  • Integrate TPWD education programs to develop life-long behaviors consistent with the Agency’s mission.


  • Cultivate citizen participation in science-based stewardship of natural and cultural resources that result in tangible conservation benefits.
  • Develop the next generation of natural resource leaders and professionals.
What is a resolution?

A resolution is a document that gives permission from the governing body to submit the application.  Resolutions must be signed by the governing board or authorized official, dated within 1 year, and contain authorization for submission. If a proper resolution is not submitted by the application deadline, your project will be ruled ineligible and not reviewed.

Do you require matching funds?

Matching funds or sponsor contribution is not required.

What should be included in a commitment letter?

Letters demonstrate the partnership is developed and the TPWD employee has committed to provide services to the project.  Commitment letters are not required for visiting a TPWD facility or using a TPWD education program.  TPWD commitment letters should be uploaded in the “Direct Relationship to TPWD” section of the application.  Projects can also provide commitment letters from partners who are providing participants for the program to provide assurances for the proposed participant demographics, although these letters are not required.  Participant commitment letters should be uploaded in the demographic section of the application.  All commitment letters should include specifics as to what the partner is providing to the project and be attached to the application by the deadline to be considered. 

Do you fund projects involving construction?
Funds cannot be used for facility construction projects, gazebos, ponds, benches, trail building, etc. The CO-OP grant is to be used to fund programs, not construction projects.

Can funds be used to pay indirect/overhead expenses?
No. Indirect expenses will not be allowed.

What is the deadline for project proposals?

All grant proposals must be submitted in the online grant management system no later than 5:00pm CST on November 1.  There are absolutely no exceptions.  If you did not receive email confirmation your application was submitted, we recommend reaching out to grant staff to confirm the submission was received.

When will we be notified if we received the grant?

Awards will be announced on March 1 following the grant deadline.  You will be notified via email.

If awarded, when can activities take place?
The period of performance for grant activities will be March 1 (grant announcement date) through September 1 of the following year, a total of 18 months.  All eligible grant activities and purchases must occur during that time period.

Can funds be used for staff salaries?

Yes, grant fund can be used towards personnel who directly support the approved project.  This includes employees (salaried, hourly and temporary) and their associated fringe benefits, contractors, substitute teachers, stipends, and interns.

What happens if my application is not funded?
Applications not approved for funding will receive an email. Any organization wishing to request a critique of their application is welcome to do so via our online system. 

How are grant awards determined?
Funding for the CO-OP program is very competitive and scoring criteria is used to evaluate the applications and determine grant awards each year. Learn more about the scoring criteria HERE.

Do you offer assistance for grant applications?
Yes.  CO-OP staff provide grant writing workshops each fall to assist applicants in applying for the grant program.  To learn about upcoming workshop dates and locations, please contact CO-OP staff or sign up for our Recreation Grants newsletter

What are eligible activities?

Eligible activities include:

  • Archery
  • Backpacking/Hiking
  • Birding/Wildlife Viewing
  • Camping
  • Canoeing / Kayaking / SUP / Boating
  • Caving
  • Cultural Resource Exploration
  • Environmental/Outdoor Education
  • Equestrian
  • Fishing / Angling
  • Hunting
  • Mountain Biking 
  • Nature Photography 
  • Orienteering / Geocaching 
  • Outdoor Cooking (Participants Involved)
  • Paddling Sports / Boating
  • Rock Climbing / Rappelling
  • Shooting Sports

What are eligible expenses?

Eligible expenses include:

  • Personnel
  • Food and Travel
  • Training
  • Participant liability insurance
  • Fees (Park, Program, and Lodging fees)
  • Outdoor service project expenses
  • Supplies and equipment

Please see application for detailed information regarding allowable and non-allowable expenses.