Grant Number, Project Title

E-1 Job 12: Texas kangaroo rat (Dipodomys elator) habitat mapping and status | PDF

E-1 Job 33: Assessment of ocelot habitat in South Texas | PDF

E-1 Job 45: Taxonomic status of hog-nosed skunks (Genus Conepatus) in Texas | PDF

E-1 Job 46: Identification of new populations of ocelots and their conservation genetics | PDF

E-1 Job 55: Ocelot movements along the Rio Grande corridor and possible impacts of proposed international bridges | PDF

E-1 Job 70: Status and long-term survival estimates for the Texas kangaroo rat, Dipodomys elator | PDF
Additional Data (Images, GIS, Access) | ZIP

E-1 Job 86: Rare plants, birds and mammals in the Trans-Pecos ecoregion of Western Texas | PDF

E-12: Effects of coyotes on distribution, productivity, and survival of swift foxes in the Texas panhandle | PDF

E-18: Identification and protection of roosts and foraging areas for the Mexican long-nosed bat: Northeastern Mexico and the Trans-Pecos region of Texas | PDF

E-27: Black-tailed prairie dog management planning and implementation in Texas | PDF

E-32: South Texas safe harbor and habitat restoration | PDF

E-42: Population viability analysis and assessment of recovery options for the ocelot | PDF

E-77: Conservation genetics of endangered ocelot in Texas And Northern Mexico | PDF

E-97: Ocelot survey in the Sierra Picachos, Nuevo Leon, México | PDF

E-108: Defining areas of potential ocelot habitat | PDF

E-131: Survey for the Texas kangaroo rat (Dipodomys elator) | PDF
Additional Data | ZIP

E-163:  Assessment of Genetic Diversity of the State Threatened Texas Kangaroo Rat, Dipodomys elator, Using Museum Specimens | PDF