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"Talkabouts" with Ranger Em

7:00p to 8:00p
Fri, June 21, 2024
Emily Dickerson
(432) 375-2370

This series of Friday campground talks will take you on a (meandering) journey!

"Talkabouts" are the mental equivalent of a walkabout- you start in one place, and wind up somewhere new!

Each Friday evening, we'll trek through a different topic, taking time to smell the roses and cut a path through the myths. Relax and learn something new beside one of the world's last-remaining cienegas!

  • Cost: Free with park entry
  • Meet: At San Solomon Cienega overlook area (west side of the campground)
  • Bring: Something to sit on and some long sleeves in case it gets chilly




  • 7th: Leaf it to Me: The Art of Recognizing Plants
  • 14th: Flapping Facts: Things to Know About Bats
  • 21st: Winds of Change: The Secrets of Tornadoes
  • 28th: The Language of Flowers: Decoding Plant Kingdom Communications


  • 5th: Rattling Misconceptions: Demystifying Rattlesnakes
  • 12th: Blazing Trails: Navigating the World of Wildfires
  • 19th: Desert Delicacies: Exploring Edible Flora of West Texas
  • 26th: Sands of Survival: Navigating the Chihuahuan Desert Wilderness

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