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Staring at the Sun (Safely)

6:30p to 7:00p
Sat, July 27, 2024
Stephen Garmon
(830) 830-1819

Using special equipment, we'll look for sunspots, solar flares, and talk about our closest star!

Did you know you can stargaze during the day? Its true! But you can only see ONE star.

Using special telescopes we'll be zooming in to look at the sun closely without blinding our eyes. Details like sunspots and solar flares will be visible, and we'll talk about our current understanding of the sun, as well as some interesting theories!

After this program you'll have time to take a short hike, and get back just in time to join us at the Star Theater for our next stargazing program!

  • DO NOT look at the sun without proper protection. We'll be using special filters and eclipse glasses to look directly at the sun safely.
  • Meet us at the Park Headquarters Parking lot. We'll have great views of the surrounding hill sides there!
  • This event will last about 30 minutes. You can arrive and leave at anytime during that period.
  • No hiking required. 
  • Event is weather dependent. If there are too many clouds we will not be able to view the sun, and if there is rain the event will be cancelled.
  • No extra cost to attend the event. Normal entrance fees required to enter the park and can be paid online or with cash on arrival. 
  • Online Day Pass reservations here.
  • There is a drinking fountain and bathroom nearby, and level ground around the event.
  • Child and dog friendly, please keep dogs away from telescopes. and viewing area.