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Total Eclipse!

12:00p to 3:05p
Mon, April 08, 2024
Boyd Sanders
(903) 597-5338

A total eclipse of the sun is coming to Texas!

People from all over the world are coming to Texas!

Come watch the moon completely hide the sun and the day turn to twilight! The moon’s shadow will traverse Texas from the Southwest to the Northeast and travel right over Tyler State Park!

The partial eclipse begins at 12:24pm and the totality from 1:43pm to 1:45pm. The whole thing ends at 3:04 pm.

Make sure to have a safe way to view the eclipse. The Tyler State Park Silver Canoe Park Store has a limited quantity of ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses. Do not wait until the day of the eclipse. We may be sold out by then.

The main viewing location is the Northside Day-Use Swim Area for the best view of the sky.

The best way to see the eclipse at Tyler State Park:

  • Make a reservation. Reserve a Day Pass for the day and time of the eclipse. You can reserve a day pass up to one month prior to the day of your visit. We expect to reach capacity limits and your reservation guarantees entry.
  • Arrive early. Traffic on the highways is expected to be heavy and lines for entry to the park may be long.
  • Be prepared for delays on the roadways before and after the eclipse. Make sure to pack extra water and snacks. Make sure you have plenty of fuel, too.
  • Park in designated areas only.
  • The eclipse may cause communication problems. Cell phones, radios, and the internet may experience outages during the eclipse.

Don’t miss this Texas Total Eclipse! It’s a mighty long time before the next one.