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Cover-Beach Tidings


Write the name of the special "Wiggle in the Waves" place that fits the description:

  1. Cabeza de Vaca shipwrecked here in 1528: GALVESTON ISLAND STATE PARK
  2. A lighthouse built in 1852 still stands at this special spot: MATAGORDA ISLAND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA
  3. Karankawa Indians were the first people to have lived here: MUSTANG ISLAND STATE PARK
  4. Here you’ll find clamshell mounds made by prehistoric Indians: SEA RIM STATE PARK


Plants and animals that live on sandy beaches must have special adaptations. List one adaptation for each sand-dweller below:

Plant or Animal Special Beach Adaptation
Keeled earless lizard Have no outside ears
Gulf Coast kangaroo rat Get their water from seeds they eat
Sea oats Can handle harsh beach conditions well
Ghost crab Camouflage into the sand (and quickly!)