Vocabulary - Definitions and Context

Cover-Beach Tidings
Traits that allow an animal or plant to survive in its environment
Context: Animals on our Texas beaches must have adaptations to survive in the sandy and salty conditions.
Atlantic Ocean:
An ocean bordered by Europe and Africa in the east and the Americas in the west
Context: The ocean that you play in when you go to a Texas beach is the Atlantic Ocean.
Looking for things along the seashore
Context: Next time you go to the beach, go beachcombing for wildlife, but be sure to leave them right where you find them!
Wearing away of the earth's surface by wind or water
Context: Sand dunes are constantly facing erosion from the wind at the beach.
Gulf Coast:
The land next to the Gulf of Mexico
Context: Many people love to go to the Texas Gulf Coast to visit our beaches!
Gulf of Mexico:
The bowl-shaped part of the Atlantic Ocean that is near Texas
Context: Mustang Island State Park is located on the Gulf of Mexico.
High tide:
The highest point reached by a tide; when the ocean comes its farthest onto shore
Context: If you are fishing, it is important to know when high tide will be so you are safely out of the way when it comes in.
Low tide:
The lowest level of a tide; when the ocean goes the farthest away from the shore
Context: During low tide you can see lots of cool critters on the shore, but please be sure to leave them right where you find them.
A return to the way something used to be
Context: At Galveston Island State Park they used old Christmas trees to do sand dune restoration.
Sand dunes:
Tall piles of sand found on the beach and elsewhere
Context: Many beach animals use sand dunes for their homes, so please help us protect the dunes, Dude!
A type of seaweed that grows in the ocean, but often washes ashore on Texas beaches
Context: Sargassum might make the shore look messy, but shorebirds don't care about that! Watch how they run to it and chow down on the critters that hide underneath.
The land beside an ocean, sea, lake or river
Context: Just look around and you will find plenty of animal life on the Texas shore!
Movement of ocean water caused mostly by the moon’s gravity
Context: Tides help carry sargassum to the shore and that helps the beach wildlife a lot.