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cover_migration.jpgCome Fly With Me

If you don't have a copy of the TPW magazine, you may print a copy of Come Fly With Me (pdf).

When birds fly away every year to a particular place for better food, weather or places to nest, we say those birds migrate. Texas is one of the most important locations in the world for migration! Millions of birds travel through Texas in the spring and fall. Many spend the winter here. Texas also attracts birdwatchers from all over the world!

Are We There Yet?


Birds that migrate follow paths called "flyways." Which flyways go through Texas? Look at the flyway maps for hints.

Next, look at the migration routes of several birds that fly through Texas. Of the birds you see, which birds breed in Canada and fly all the way to South America for winter?

Some students actually track migrations! Check out this site: Journey North.

Just Like Jesse!

Spike with binoculars_left

Spike Tip: To use binoculars, keep looking at what you are trying to see and bring the binoculars up to your eyes without looking away.

Jesse Huth learned how to identify birds when he was 9 years old. How good can you get? Go outside and see how many different birds you can find.

Keeping It Wild!

How can kids help migrating birds? Migrating birds need food, water and shelter.

  • Make a birdfeeder!
  • Save water for wildlife! Plant native flowers that don't need a lot of water. To help you with plant lists for where you live, try our Learn About Texas kids' pages.
  • Build a Birdhouse!
  • Keep your cat indoors. Whether they are hungry or not, cats kill native and migratory birds.


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